Dyndrite Releases LPBF Pro Software for 3D Metal Printing and Launches VIP Onboarding Program

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The experiment, layout, parameters, and variables are all parametrically driven and posted directly to the SLM machine through Dyndrite.

Dyndrite unveils Dyndrite LPBF Pro, boosting precision and repeatability for additive manufacturing pros using LPBF printers, available via VIP Onboarding.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, November 6, 2023 / — – Dyndrite Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) Pro software brings power, freedom, and control to materials scientists, process engineers, application engineers, quality engineers, and production engineers.
– The software empowers AM professionals with GUI and Python programmable tools. This allows them to create parameter strategies, optimize routines, streamline materials, speed up qualification processes, and enable lights-out metal printing.
– No hidden fees through required modules or build processors.
– Offers VIP onboarding for key industries and 3D metal printing users.

Dyndrite™, a leading provider of the GPU-accelerated computation engines for next-generation digital manufacturing hardware and software, is excited to announce immediate availability of VIP Onboarding for Dyndrite LPBF Pro, a powerful new application for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) professionals. This new software empowers 3D printing users with previously unattainable part printing capabilities, accelerated build rates, and cost savings.

Metal 3D printing, projected to experience substantial annual growth between 23-30% in the coming decade, stands as the current pinnacle of additive manufacturing achievements. As this technology advances with expanded capabilities for final part production, there is a growing demand from defense, rocket, aero and automotive manufacturers for more advanced tools. These sought-after tools are expected to maximize the potential of their machine and extract more value from existing materials.

Dyndrite LPBF Pro has been purposefully designed to meet the needs of this community. It caters to enterprise users who are pushing past the boundaries of outdated formats such as the STL and legacy applications that primarily rely on manual user interfaces and tribal knowledge.

“In AM, software has become the bottleneck limiting industrial users from adopting and maximizing the value from AM technologies,” explained Harshil Goel, CEO, Dyndrite. “Dyndrite’s mission is to break this bottleneck by equipping AM engineers with tools that make them effective at their job. These tools naturally deliver precision, traceability, and repeatability, serving not only those pushing the boundaries but also those seeking an on-ramp as new customers embracing AM as a scalable and reliable manufacturing process.”

Dyndrite LPBF Pro offers users unmatched control, combining CPU and GPU power for geometry and compute challenges. It streamlines print prep, enabling material innovation and faster quality qualification.

“For over 6 years AMS has worked with aerospace, space and motorsport companies to push the boundaries of what’s possible in LPBF,” said Rob Higham, CEO of Additive Manufacturing Services (AMS) Ltd. “Within two days of using Dyndrite we were able to print a thin-walled heat exchanger that, for over 18 months others attempted and failed to print – such an achievement speaks for itself.”

“When CobraMoto committed to AM, we transformed everything from our design philosophy to manufacturing processes,” said Sean Hilbert, CEO of CobraMoto. “Previous build manager software assumed that AM would exclusively be used for low volume situations. Dyndrite now enables efficiency, personalization, and automation like we’ve never seen before. We can finally see an end-to-end solution for high volume, efficient, additive manufacturing of our products.”

“At Elementum 3D our aim is to provide our customers with the highest quality product we can deliver. Using Dyndrite we surpassed our internal parameter set results on the very first try,” said Dr. Jacob Nuechterlein, CEO, Elementum 3D. “Dyndrite LPBF Pro allowed us to increase the quality of our material parameters, while dramatically reducing the time it takes to prepare, test, and qualify each build. Dyndrite helps Elementum 3D deliver a better product to our customers.”

“Renishaw has followed Dyndrite with interest since their launch,” said Kevin J Brigden, AMG Applications Engineering Manager, Renishaw, Inc. “Our aim is to demonstrate that Dyndrite’s powerful segmentation and toolpath capabilities combined with Renishaw QuantAM APIs can enable deliberate non-conformance induction for performance optimization, ushering in a new era of faster, more efficient part production with advanced toolpaths and machine learning integration.”

“At Aconity3D we’ve longed for more powerful and flexible software to drive our metal 3D printing machines, especially for experimentation and research,” said Yves Hagedorn, CEO, Aconity3D. “Dyndrite LPBF Pro with its built-in Python scripting interface immediately enabled our researchers to create programmatic builds that would normally take days or weeks to complete, if at all. We’re excited to put Dyndrite LPBF Pro on our price list and recommend it to our customers.”

“We’ve enjoyed working directly with Dyndrite in support of SLM’s 3D metal printing product line, including our flagship NXG XII 600,” said Garett Purdon, Vice President of Sales – Americas at SLM Solutions. “We’ve seen first hand how Dyndrite’s capabilities help bring new customers to our platform and supercharge their additive manufacturing process. We look forward to working more closely with the Dyndrite team to further explore how their tools can enhance SLM’s value-proposition.”

Dyndrite LPBF Pro is available for VIP Onboarding. Through this program customers receive direct hands-on support in applying Dyndrite to their metal printing use.

Dyndrite LPBF Pro interfaces directly with a wide variety of 3D metal printing machines, including: Aconity3D, Renishaw, SLM, and others. Dyndrite is a member of the EOS developer network.

Visit Dyndrite in Hall-11-1 stand F51 at the Formnext 2023 conference in Frankfurt, Germany from November 7th-9th 2023.

About Dyndrite:

Dyndrite’s mission is to fundamentally change how geometry is created, transformed and transmitted on a computer. Our Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE) is the world’s first (geometry agnostic), multi-threaded, GPU-accelerated geometry engine. We create and license tools, such as Dyndrite LPBF Pro, to give companies the power, freedom and control necessary to deliver on the potential of digital manufacturing.

The company’s team of mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers exists to help our partners and customers solve the toughest geometry, compute and automation problems so they can deliver digital manufacturing systems at scale. We aim to ignite their purpose.

Investors include Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused Investment Fund and Carl Bass, former Autodesk CEO. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

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