Dreamtime Learning School Leads the Way in Metro Cities with Enriching Activities that Complement Online Schooling

Dreamtime Learning School, one of its kind education-first school founded by renowned and prominent educationist Lina Ashar, is revolutionizing the education industry with its innovative hybrid learning model. After receiving a favourable response from students and parents, the online school hopes to increase its presence in academic hubs like Bangalore, Pune Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi.


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Ms Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning School


Along with the Indian curriculum, Dreamtime Learning School has adopted curriculum from Education Bodies such as Cambridge (IGCSE) and Pearson Edexcel. They offer a wide range of courses for students from KG to Grade 8. The platform brings a unique concept to the education ecosystem for children to master their brains and behavioural learning pedagogy in ways that serve them on their future journeys. One significant achievement Dreamtime Learning School received is that the online school experienced 100% retention of students from their previous batch. In another two years, the online school is looking to expand its courses till Grade 12.


Ms Lina Ashar, who has been disrupting the education industry for over three decades, is known for her pioneering work in the field of education in India. She is the founder emeritus of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) and Billabong High International School. She founded Dreamtime Learning School in the year 2022 with a vision to prepare students for the challenges of the future in a rapidly changing world, via their unique offering ‘Online School++’ 1st of its kind in the Online Schooling space in India. The platform gives students an opportunity to master their learning with the combination of both digital and physical experiences. 


Ms Ashar’s approach to education is centered on the belief that learning should be fun and engaging. She has created a learning environment that encourages creativity, curiosity, and love for learning. She trusts that technology can enhance the learning experience and make it more accessible to students who might not have access to traditional classroom settings. Furthermore, she also believes that each child is unique and that education should be tailored to meet individual needs and interests.


I believe that every child has the right to quality education. At Dreamtime Learning, we believe that education is not just about academics, but about empowering students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Our mission at Dreamtime Learning is to democratize education and make it accessible to every child in India. Within a short period, we received positive feedback from students and parents in Mumbai and conceptualizing this as an opportunity, we are keen to explore our outreach to other education hubs such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi,” said Ms Lina Ashar, Founder of Dreamtime Learning School.


One of the most significant advantages of Online School ++ is that the platform goes beyond traditional online schooling and gives students real-world experience. For instance, at experience centers, students can take part in a variety of activities and workshops, ranging from fun-based games to advanced projects in IOT, robotics, and 3D printing. The school also gives learners the opportunity for overnight trips, internships, field trips, career pathway programs and community service programs s. This unique concept recognizes that learners also need to engage in activities outside the classroom developing a wide range of skills and values such as social and emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, critical thinking, adaptability, goal setting, collaboration, and problem-solving.


The online classes provided by Dreamtime Learning School are for a shorter class duration, meaning students can save time and focus on other curricular activities. Additionally, the Online School focuses on personalized growth through gamification, digitization and user-friendly technology. Dreamtime Learning School has a team of highly qualified teachers who provide personalized support to every student, boosting their personal skills. This ensures that every student receives the attention and support they need to excel academically.


Ms Ashar also adds, “Our unique model Online School ++ ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for future challenges. We want to break down the barriers preventing students from accessing quality education and allow every child to learn and grow. With our new concept school, we want to create empowered thought leaders who will lead the world to a more conscious, connected and abundant future.


With Dreamtime Learning School, we want to make relevant education accessible, impactful, equitable and engaging to 1 billion kids. Therefore, bringing an innovative approach to education is imperative, which significantly impacts how schooling is done in India. By prioritizing fun, engaging, and personalized learning, education has been transformed into a more dynamic and exciting experience for students.


About Dreamtime Learning School

Founded in the year 2022, Dreamtime Learning School is a brainchild of Ms Lina Ashar, a visionary educator, and entrepreneur with the aim to provide an innovative, engaging and holistic education to children. The school is located in Mumbai, India and is known for its unique methodology and modern approach to education. The methodology used by Dreamtime Learning School is centered around providing a stimulating environment that nurtures the child’s creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The school’s curriculum is designed to help students develop a lifelong love for learning and encourages them to become independent learners who can take charge of their own learning. Dreamtime learning school offers interactive and engaging learning with the combination of both digital and physical experiences. With its unique methodology and emphasis on technology, the school is well-positioned to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.

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