DOOR Launches “50&5” Campaign On The DOOR Referral Network

Sarasota, Florida, Aug. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For those that are unaware, DOOR is the number one referral ad network that gives profits back to the community. The project has a utility token – DOOR Coin, which is used to reward participants.

In a bid to gain traction and allow members of the community to enjoy massive rewards, the team at DOOR is pleased to announce the launching of its first major campaign on the DOOR Referral Network (DRN). The campaign, christened “50&5” will kick-start on August 18th.

50% Match

During 18th to 25th August, if you buy DOOR, you’d be matched 50% of your order. The intention is to convert DOOR users to token holders.

5% Referral Bonus

During the campaign, if you’re able to refer someone and the person purchases something on the DRN, you’ll receive 5% of the order.

How To Be Part Of The DOOR Bandwagon

One major difference between DOOR and other similar projects is that DOOR gives back to the community. There are so many ways to participate in the DOOR bandwagon for rewards:


The easiest way to earn DOOR rewards is to share everything that’s happening on your social media platforms. As soon as the team confirms your social media activities, they will reward you for your efforts. You will also be rewarded if you join app to regularly receive products and services information.

DOOR Referral Network

Participating in the DOOR referral Network is another great way to earn DOOR rewards. It’s simple to join. Visit, join the network, and get a referral link. Share your referral link with your friends and family members to also join the Network. The more people you are able to convince to join the program, the more the rewards you will earn.


You can also join the DOOR bandwagon by buying and holding DOOR Coins. DOOR will reward you through their staking program.

About DOOR

DOOR is a blockchain-powered referral ad network that gives profits back to the community. consumers are rewarded for connecting with a business through the DOOR app. This project helps to benefit directly from every ad you click by bypassing all the middlemen of big af tech. Once you join the DOOR Network, you will be able to buy goods and services directly from your favorite merchants without recourse to any third-party individual.

DOOR started with the intention of connecting home service contractors with properties. It then grew to start connecting consumers with businesses directly. As the demands of the community become ever-dynamic, the team at DOOR also re-position the project to drive faster growth. The team are individuals of impeccable characters. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the blockchain and crypto space.

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