DNA Script Partners with Premas Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., India as Part of Global Expansion to Meet Demand for Same-day Enzymatic DNA Synthesis


DNA Script, a world leader in Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) for DNA on demand, has reached a distribution agreement with Premas Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., India, a leading biotechnology distribution company. This partnership expands DNA Script’s footprint and provides sales and support for the SYNTAX System DNA printer in labs in India. 


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Premas seeks to diversify its niche offerings with this partnership


We are thrilled to welcome Premas Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. as a key partner to build DNA Script’s global channel network,” said DNA Script CEO and co-founder Thomas Ybert.


This partnership represents an important step in DNA Script’s global commercial expansion and our commitment to support our Indian customers’ research needs.”


APAC is experiencing significant genomic research growth, spurring increased demand for synthetic biology tools, including DNA Script’s SYNTAX System. As the world’s first commercial benchtop enzymatic DNA printer, the SYNTAX System gives labs complete control over their oligo production, alleviating the need to wait for deliveries from third-party DNA service providers and dramatically accelerating their research.


Dr. Debjani Saha, Assistant General Manager-Marketing at Premas Life Sciences, commented, “Premas is proud to add DNA Script to our niche menu. The synthetic biology space is vibrant and gaining a lot of momentum. With the scope for synthesized oligos in therapeutic applications and the growing focus on personalized medicine, we anticipate a keen interest in SYNTAX. A big advantage of this benchtop product is that you can quickly print customized oligos in-house without being dependent on centralized services providers.”


The SYNTAX System printer is the only commercial DNA manufacturing technology that utilizes the power of Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS), which produces synthetic DNA without the toxic reagents and hazardous waste associated with older DNA printing methods. Companies can now iterate in a matter of hours by printing ready-to-use oligos in-house instead of waiting days for outsourced service providers to deliver the DNA needed.


SYNTAX gives labs the ability to print same-day custom DNA oligos with a simple benchtop instrument,” said Ybert. “By increasing access, we give labs unparalleled opportunities to print the DNA they need, when they need it, to accelerate workflows across Sanger sequencing, RT-qPCR, NGS target enrichment, site-directed mutagenesis, CRISPR gene editing, gene assembly, RT-qPCR and more.”


About DNA Script

Founded in 2014, DNA Script is a pioneering life sciences technology company developing a new, faster, more powerful and versatile way to design and manufacture nucleic acids. The company has developed an alternative to traditional DNA synthesis called Enzymatic DNA Synthesis, or EDS, allowing this technology to be accessible to labs with the first benchtop enzymatic synthesis instrument, the SYNTAX System. By putting DNA synthesis back in the lab, DNA Script aims to transform life sciences research through innovative technology that gives researchers unprecedented control and autonomy. 


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