DigiPlex outperforms the Scandinavian data center industry for customer satisfaction

NPS and customer satisfaction increases

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for scalable, secure, and sustainable data centers, proudly presents the results in its latest customer satisfaction survey. The 2021 results revealed a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of plus 58, up from plus 48 in 2020. This score continues to outperform the rest of the Scandinavian data center industry which records an average NPS score of minus 24. Despite the challenging times of the pandemic, the strong NPS result confirms the consistent delivery of high expertise and service to DigiPlex customers.

DigiPlex customer satisfaction survey is conducted through an annual in-depth survey using the independent third-party research firm Netigate. For the last two years, DigiPlex have utilized the widely recognized NPS metric to measure and compare against others in the industry and region. The NPS rate indicates the likelihood that DigiPlex customers expand their commitment with DigiPlex or recommend DigiPlex to another party.

Last year DigiPlex scored well above the industry benchmark for loyalty and satisfaction and these areas remained high in this latest survey. When asked if DigiPlex was a partner for delivering their future IT and/or infrastructure strategy, more than 90% of respondents confirmed they were, against an industry benchmark (70%) and reaffirms their commitment to continually improve the offering to meet the needs of all customers.

In addition to using the NPS method, DigiPlex also measure other key areas of importance to their customers. Areas covered are Service Quality, Competence, Availability, Proactivity and Understanding of customers’ business. DigiPlex scored a total average of 4,59. (Range from 1-5.) Another point of note from the survey is that a raising number of customers are currently using the sustainable credentials of DigiPlex to improve their own.

Wiljar Nesse, CEO of DigiPlex, commented, “Exceptional customer service is vital at all times, and has always been central to the DigiPlex culture. The challenges of the last 18 months have only re-emphasized their importance, and we saw it as immensely vital to increase our efforts to help our customers overcome the many new challenges they faced. I am very pleased, but not surprised, that our NPS has further improved over the last year. I see the relentless effort put in by DigiPlexers every day and these results confirm the value of that work. Well done!”

“Customers continuously evaluate and challenge their business and supplier options,” said Dan Oldham, Chief Service Delivery Officer at DigiPlex. “Only through maintaining the highest levels of customer service, listening closely to what customers want and need, and then responding fast and flexibly, can we build the rapport and partnership with our customers, hereby maintain and strengthen our market leadership position. The annual customer satisfaction survey is eagerly awaited as a key metric to show that we are delivering this every day.”

Petter Bjerke, Head of Professional Services Norway at Netigate added; “DigiPlex already scored highly last year. To improve this significantly in 2021, amidst all the challenges brought on by COVID, is truly remarkable. As with every company there are areas for improvement, but I don’t doubt that DigiPlex will use these findings to improve even further in 2022.”

The 2021 survey, consisting of data from 300 IT-decision makers in the Nordic countries, showed that DigiPlex continues to outperform the industry benchmark. Improving on the previous year’s already high NPS of plus 48 to an increased figure for 2021 of plus 58, whilst market benchmark scoring sits at minus 24, is testament to DigiPlex’s commitment to customer excellence. (Range from -100 to +100.)

The Net Promotor Score method consists of using one single survey question – “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend DigiPlex”. Based on their rating, customers are classified into three categories: detractors, passives, and promoters. Those most likely to recommend (scoring 9 or 10) are called Net Promoters. More than two-thirds (62%) of DigiPlex customers responding to the survey were in the Promoter category, up from 61% in the 2020 survey, compared to the Nordic benchmark of 22% (19%).


The customer survey was independently administered by Netigate and calculated overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. It was conducted on-line during the month of September 2021. The survey was built on customer satisfaction methodology structured around measuring all stages of the DigiPlex customer journey. NPS was calculated in addition to specific measures used for internal best practice and customer service improvement.


Elisabeth Lennhede

Head of Communications



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211102_DigiPlex outperforms the Scandinavian data center industry for customer satisfaction


Dan Oldham, Chief Service Delivery Officer at DigiPlex


Petter Bjerke Head of Professional Services Norway at Netigate


Wiljar Nesse, CEO, DigiPlex


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