Devdutt Pattanaik Speaks On ‘Culture and Globalization’ at Elpro International School


Elpro International School hosted one of India’s most celebrated author and mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik today. Students’ excitement soared high as the rendezvous with Mr. Pattanaik was a much sought-after affair. Mr. Pattanaik’s gracious presence along with his nuggets of wisdom set the ball rolling as he spoke on “Culture and Globalization”.

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Devdutt Pattanaik’s visit at the Elpro International School


In his vast oeuvre of work, Mr. Pattanaik keenly reflects on the relevance of mythology in the modern world. His address to students was no different as he beautifully shed light upon the essence of culture through ideas on food, traditional rituals and stories from mythology. He emphasized, “Mythology is about learning about other people’s truths, and when I learn about other people’s truths”, he added, “I move towards globalization.” His approach to the topic had a refreshing spin to it, which gripped students’ attention and encouraged them to learn more about history and mythologies from around the world.


Following his insightful perspectives on culture, he interacted with students in a Q&A session. As he took questions from students, his responses remained sharp, quick-witted and full of humility. He motivated students to compare and contrast cultures to expand their outlook towards the world.


His lecture provided food for thought as he aptly differentiated between culture and civilization. He said, “Culture is how humans live in nature; civilization is when humans exchange things like stories, ideas, food, services with each other

.” On an end note, he said, “I hope you take this journey of culture and globalization to be civilized.”


On the occasion, Dr. Amrita Vohra, Director Principal of Elpro International School said, “Mr. Pattanaik is an inspirational figure, and we have been inspired to be more curious towards learning our own culture as well as other’s. At Elpro, we take our reading habits seriously. Through today’s session with Mr. Pattanaik, we are happy to open the world of mythology to students by exposing them to a genre which is sure to give flight to their imagination and enhance their worldview.”


The event turned out successfully for Elpro International School as Mr. Pattanaik, in his subtle ways, sparked a zest for mythology amongst students. It was a delightful session that was organized by the school in association with Collins learning India and Harper Collins and will be cherished by the school community for a long time. 


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