Defining Luxury With Technology, EXEED M38T’s First Body-in-White Officially Rolled off the Production Line in China

SÃO PAULO, Brazil–()–Recently, high-end auto brand EXEED debuted AtlantiX – EXEED M38T mass-production concept car to public for first time. Meanwhile, the first body-in-white of EXEED M38T officially rolled off the production line at Qingdao Super Factory, indicating that M38T is only one step away from mass production. And it will be sold to international market.

EXEED adopts a new design language “Aesthetics of Light”, which symbolizes the integration of classics and future, the crystallization of art and technology. It will lead to a new era and start a smart, trendy and energetic journey.

Judging from the body-in-white outline of M38T, it basically follows AtlantiX’s design language. Generally, the golden ratio of long wheelbase, short front and rear overhangs outlines a perfect and vigorous posture. On the light language system that is most popular among young generation, EXEED expands the language from traditional “point” and “source” to the “beam” of the streamer and colorful “matrix”, the “X”-type starship light energy matrix daytime running lights and the penetrating Galaxy rear taillights echo with each other, which fully demonstrates the trendiness, intelligence and vitality brought by technology, while giving consumers an unparalleled sense of luxury.

As a luxury car, the smart cockpit is also indispensable. With industry’s top Qualcomm 8155 chip, M38T will provide consumers a cockpit with beauty, wisdom, emotion and warmth. The 24.6-inch smart screen that surrounds the true curved surface, the new youthful UI interface, the vehicle intelligence with “growth” anthropomorphic avatars, etc., all will provide consumers with a comprehensive and leapfrog comfortable atmosphere and quality experience.

M38T was born in the new M3X Architecture 2.0, which achieved six major technological improvements in safety performance, electronic architecture, comfort performance, intelligent cockpit and power system.

As the new flagship, the EEA4.0 advanced electronic and electrical architecture supported by Gigabit Ethernet and full vehicle OTA can achieve the optimal solution for data sharing, data transmission, software development and iteration. With its support, M38T includes 21 basic ADAS functions and 11 advanced intelligent assisted driving functions, also the typical high-profile functions such as automatic navigation assisted driving, intelligent automatic lane change, and autonomous valet parking. Meanwhile, M38T has 44 components that can be upgraded OTA, bringing the always-new experience.

Under M3X Architecture 2.0, M38T will also have a great improvement in chassis and power. Its CDC system is smarter and more sensitive, which can bring an overall improvement in driving comfort. Besides, the new M3X 2.0 will continue to be iteratively upgraded to support various power forms, which will bring more power versions of M38T in the future.

As a new chapter, EXEED M38T will reshape consumers’ mind and “define luxury with technology”. It not only shoulders the important task of brand’s new stage, but also is the key to promoting its rapid development in the global market.

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