DaMENSCH Makes Couples Face Uncomfortable Questions on Valentine’s Day

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Premium men’s fashion brand DaMENSCH is celebrating Valentine’s Day with ‘The Most Comfortable Date Ever’, encouraging couples to have “uncomfortable” conversations. Real-life couples put their relationship under the spotlight in the latest video, encouraging couples to ask each-other questions that generally get ignored in a relationship, but may linger in their mind. The latest video featuring couples from varied walks of life, delivering a message that ‘Comfortable relationships start with uncomfortable conversations’.


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DaMENSCH celebrates Valentine with the most “Comfortable dates”


DaMENSCH also partnered with travel influencers Savi and Vid from Bruised Passports to talk about the most comfortable date  where Vid can be seen gearing up for a cosy late night date in DaMENSCH attire.


With the campaign, the brand has also set up a Valentine’s Day shop on its website where men can find everything from curated date-fashion and styling tips to dating advice. DaMENSCH has also started a Twitter thread with conversation starters and important questions to ask your partner. The collection is perfect for anyone on a first date to a date with your partner for years.


DaMENSCH has also added a new flavour to the Valentine Day celebrations by making it easy for men to get the best looks for their date. Making shopping for men easier, the men’s apparel brand is also inviting women to gift their men the most comfortable Valentine’s with the most effortlessly stylish fashion.


With the bandwagon live now, one can directly purchase the looks from DaMENSCH website and avail exclusive Feb 14 special discounts. The brand, which centralises around comfortable, stylish clothing for men, is also offering a wallet worth Rs. 2299 from DailyObjects on purchases from its website, starting February 10. 


Links: youtu.be/kSE6csM7uDwKnow more at: www.damensch.com

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