CyberRacing To Release World’s First Race-to-Earn

Singapore, Aug. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CyberRacing, the world’s first race-to-earn ecosystem, has recently unveiled its roadmap. The blockchain game is inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and combines good graphics and designs with a new metaverse ecosystem to empower players globally. The Dapp is under development and will be available before the $CRACE token presale on September 4, 2021.

Metaverses are the popular trend regarding blockchain gaming today. Players prefer to control their in-game assets and leverage them to improve their accounts or trade them with others. With the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency., play-to-earn models are now accessible to players worldwide. Furthermore, developers can expand the concept further by going into “sub-genres, ” which CyberRacing does. The model focuses on race-to-earn, a world-first in the blockchain gaming industry, and a first for the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

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CyberRacing, a game inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, provides players with a cyberpunk setting where they can race against others or go through the PvE mode. As is the courtesy with these games, there are many rewards to be earned, allowing for ample customization of one’s cars. The dApp is currently in development and will launch before September 4, 2021. The first iteration will feature the Marketplace for players to trade, buy, and sell items they gather.

During the first phase of the game, players can expect new cars to be added. There is also the introduction of buying loot boxes – which contains random cars players can sell through the Marketplace – and RaceBattle, which is the head-to-head mode. The Cyberracing team will introduce more cars, boss challenges, farming, and CyberRacing equipment in phase two. Finally, CyberRacing V2, featuring real races and the mobile game, will come in phase three.

To complete the Boss challenges, players need to deposit $CRACE tokens. The winners will receive more tokens than traditional Race Battle. However, if a player loses the boss challenge, they will lose the $CRACE bet. That is one of the metaverse’s native token functionalities, as $CRACE will be used to by Loot Boxes, equipment, and interact with the built-in Marketplace.

Speaking of $CRACE, the CyberRacing team will conduct a token presale on September 4, 2021. There will be 100 million tokens in total, of which the team locks 5% for one year. The token distribution confirms many tokens are set aside for Race Battle rewards, farming, airdrops, and community rewards. Participating in the token sales will require whitelisting access, which users can complete via this link.

Blockchain and smart contract-based will always require an independent audit to confirm the code is safe, and there are no hidden vulnerabilities. CyberRacing has completed its first audit, courtesy of Solidproof. A second audit, through CertiK, will be completed during phase two of the Dapp development roadmap.

Interested players can access the Cyber Racing Dapp before the presale on September 4, 2021. They will be able to experience the core functionality available at the time and explore the power of in-game item ownership. The time has come to evolve the play-to-earn model into more dedicated and specific sub-sectors, such as launching the world’s first race-to-earn blockchain game on the Binance Smart Chain. Racing games are incredibly popular and the Cyberpunk 2077 inspiration provides a competitive and approachable game where players can earn real money.

About CyberRacing

CyberRacing is a blockchain game developed by a team of experts from the UK and Singapore. Together, they developed a gaming studio for over five years and helped create several world-class games featuring stunning visuals and addictive gameplay. The CyberRacing team has won many awards, and exploring NFT gaming in the crypto world is the next logical challenge.

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