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Los Angeles, CA, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireCulture Pulse is taking the NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace to the next level by bridging the world of physical collectibles with their digital counterparts. Culture Pulse connects the real world to the blockchain by combining the best of NFTs with what buyers have traditionally wanted: something that is as meaningful in real life as it is in the digital realm. Instead of championing new collectibles generated solely for the metaverse, the platform enables athletes, artists, musicians and other creators to mint NFTs from real world collectibles.

The company’s mission is to reintroduce trust and authenticity through its marketplace methodology combating the $1.82 trillion lost to counterfeiting each year, according to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report. The Culture Pulse platform pairs a physical collectible with an NFT and is synced to their database. When that product is purchased, the NFT is transferred via a wallet and whenever the item transfers ownership, the digital rights and provenance held in the NFT is transferred as well. Culture Pulse’s easy to use Web 2.0 Shopify interface makes transacting on the site seamless. Users can utilize wallets, crypto and Web 3.0 tools like MetaMask to transact as well. 

 “NFTs have leapt off the page, and yet they are still in their infancy,” said David Jensen, CEO. “We aim to advance the metaverse while bridging the world of physical collectibles and creations.  We aim to let collectors enjoy their autograph game ball while carrying their digital Hermes Birkin bag in the Metaverse.”

Through NFT drops, which the company calls ‘pulses’, collectors can buy exclusive pieces through auctions. Their inaugural release, entitled “Celebrating Excellence” champions an expansive and impressive portfolio of creators including: 

  • Athletes Hall of Fame basketball player Gary Payton and Super Bowl Champ Lawyer Milloy, Bobby Wagner,  Mo Bamba, Paolo Banchero, among others
  • Artists / Musicians including Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha, Shag, Kara Walker, Chase Langford, Jerrod Maryama, John 5
  • Luxury Brands Stephen Silver Fine Jewelers and other featured brands 

“Our goal is to make NFTs easy and fun to make for athletes, artists, and creators of all types,” said Alex Beckman, CDO and co-founder/”When NFTs creation is seamless and doesn’t require outsourcing the creative process, NFTs become more authentic and meaningful to collect.”

“From a technical perspective, we’re linking the physical world of collectibles and their digital counterparts through advanced tagging technology,” said company CTO and co-founder Adam Cowherd.  “Being able to verify a physical collectible unlocks limitless possibilities in the digital world.”

The company is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and investors: CEO/co-founder David Jensen Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte, IBM, Yahoo!, Razorfish; CDO/co-founder Alex Beckman founded GameOn Technology, EVNTLIVE, and has served as Managing Partner to Elastic Holdings, a US-based venture capital fund; and Adam Cowherd, CTO/co-founder and founder of AmplifyX.

The company is kicking off with an invite-only celebrity event in Los Angeles during Super Bowl weekend, bringing together collectors with world-class artists, winning athletes, and experts from the web 3.0 community. Culture Pulse has a series of upcoming “pulses” throughout 2022, championing purpose around significant cultural milestones. For more information and to see all upcoming events, visit

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