Coursecottage launches peer tutoring to complement its online teaching platform

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Galvanizing its online teaching platform offering, Coursecottage today announced the launch of peer teaching that could set the stage for disruption in education and traditional teaching. Referenced as a Coursesitter, a pun on the word Babysitter, peer tutors are expected to take on the role of a traditional teacher and revitalize the learning process.

Just as many professions are facing becoming redundant in the internet age, is teaching facing a similar predilection? With information available easily, are traditional teachers truly adding any value to the knowledge acquisition journey of a student? What percentage of a student’s knowledge base is a direct contribution of a teacher? In a hypothetical scenario, if the role of teachers did not exist anymore, would learning stop?

As with multitudes of industries caught off guard in the aftermath of COVID-19, the traditional teaching and the education sector is also facing a paradigm shift at its core. The sector has to reckon with the increased need to move to digital classrooms as a primary delivery method of knowledge. If the digital nature of education could sustain the process of knowledge acquisition for more than a year, questions are likely to be raised about the need for brick and mortar schools along with the entire ensemble of actors within it such as teachers, administrators, coordinators, etc.

The biggest gripe many parents had was more about having to see their children at home every day than if their knowledge growth was being stunted in any way as a result of home-based learning during the pandemic. Parents needed the children to be away so that they could go about their lives without having to tend to their kids’ whims.

There are some early small-scale reports indicating that the average intelligence of students has actually improved substantially during the pandemic as result of students learning by themselves at home without the close monitoring of a teacher.

Obviously, there are people from both camps, those that believe teachers play a vital role and those that believe teachers are not relevant anymore in the modern world of information overload. In the latter camp, some believe that the role of a teacher is actually detrimental to the overall development of a student in today’s ecosystem of how students learn and grow.

The main point of contention being the factors that garner a student’s limited attention. Take for example, learning about the solar system. Traditionally, you would have a teacher refer the students to a book or demonstrate on a whiteboard or some engaged teacher may actually create props to pike students’ interest. But with today’s generation, the only thing a student needs is a smartphone with internet access. There are literally hundreds of different ways that the student can figure out information about the solar system.

If traditional teachers are facing a losing battle with garnering a learner’s attention, what exactly then is the value they bring to the table. A more pertinent question would be what other factors hog up a student’s limited span of attention. Technology, be it a smartphone or any internet-connected device, in the hands of a learner is where all focus seems to be directed.

Many companies today are realizing this and are already in the fray to leverage the opportunity for offering an alternative form of learning beyond a classroom teacher. One such interesting offering is Coursecottage wherein instead of traditional teachers, you have peers who put on the hat of a teacher and use technology to make learning more meaningful. Toppers in a class typically become the teacher and use modern tools to impart knowledge to their peers and earn pocket money doing peer tutoring.

With concepts such as peer tutoring and the availability of state-of-the-art technology, the question is about the relevance of traditional teachers. Are teachers relegated to being more like administrators or authority figures with no real value being added to the learning process?

Just as many professions are at the brink of dynamic shifts due to multiple coalescing factors such as the pandemic, technology, and changing mindsets of the younger generation, teachers could be heading into an unknown maze of roles and responsibilities. There are close to 4 million teachers in the United States who could be very soon asking themselves about the exact value they add beyond babysitting other people’s kids for a while during the day.

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