Coral Red and Lava Vegan Tinted Lip Balms in Eco-Friendly Glass Packaging

The Lip Balm Company, a trusted brand in the world of organic, plant-based lip care, is delighted to unveil their latest creations: Coral Red and Lava Vegan tinted lip balms. These exciting products come in two irresistible forms: Lip Jelly in an eco-friendly glass jar and Lip Gloss in an eco-friendly glass tube, staying true to their commitment to sustainable lip care.


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Coral Red tinted lip balm, lovingly crafted with Polypodium and Annatto extracts, not only imparts a chic red-pink tint but also ensures your lips stay hydrated and beautiful while reducing lip pigmentation.


Lava Vegan tinted lip balm shines bright with its lively flame orange tint, thanks to the magic of Astaxanthin. It doesn’t stop at a pop of colour; it deeply nourishes your lips, preventing lip darkening.


Both products are made with premium plant-derived ingredients and are 100% natural, vegan, lead-free, cochineal-free, and preservative-free. Dermatologically tested, they are suitable even for children and teens.


The lip gloss has been eagerly awaited by our customers and is a valuable addition to our beloved lip care range,” said Ms Sowmiya Ravi, Social Media Strategist at The Lip Balm Company. “And the introduction of lip gloss marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to cater to our customers’ evolving needs,” she added.


The Lip Balm Company remains dedicated to providing conscious, eco-friendly lip care that is both effective and safe for all. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your lip care routine with these exceptional products. Explore the full range and experience the essence of guilt-free, organic lip care at

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