Connecting Celebrities with their Fans

Tring, India’s largest celebrity engagement platform, helps celebrities engage with their fans in a plethora of ways. Founded in 2020, Tring boast of over 12,000 celebrities from diverse industries like entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and more.


This Mumbai-based company uses various product offerings to help celebrities connect with their fans. From the good ol’ Bollywood Divas to International movie stars, TV actors, to the ever impressing Athletes, Cricketers, Olympians, and Chefs, from our daily Instagram gurus, aka Influencers, to the motivating fitness enthusiasts, Tring welcomes celebrities of all niches to engage with their fans. Tring helps celebrities connect with their fans by providing personalised recorded videos, social media messages, live video calls, and more.


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Advantages for celebrities on the Tring platform


Tring’s celebrity-centric app offers a personalised dashboard for celebrities where they can check on their latest video request from fans, record their videos with the help of a teleprompter and also track their earnings. Each request the celebrity receives can be either accepted, rejected, and completed on the spot using the instant record feature. The app also boast of many other features that helps ease the process of execution of requests for the celebrities.


The platform encourages celebrities to monetize their transit time while also connecting with their fans. Celebrities on Tring use their spare time, whether travelling from one set to another or while just chilling at home, to execute their fan requests. Services like a direct message on social media usually takes a few seconds to complete. The celebrity can execute it with a single click through Tring’s app. Some of Tring’s celebrities have even earned about a couple of crores through these video requests.


Fans naturally share their celebrity video over social media with friends and family. When posted over social media by fans, personalised celebrity video messages give a massive potential for celebrities to gain a newer audience, thus increasing their engagement and earning potential.

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