Comprehensive Learner Records, Teacher View and Language Toggle Lead Long List of Beable™ Back-to-School Enhancements

LAKEWOOD, N.J., Aug. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Following its highly successful debut in August 2020, the Beable Life-Ready Literacy® System has been further enhanced for back-to-school 2021, the company announced today.

At the start of the 2020/21 school year, Beable launched the first multi-dimensional system that enables all students to achieve unprecedented reading gains by using its knowledge of the whole child to drive literacy acceleration, content mastery, career development and SEL.

Beable was and remains the first system in K-12 that gives learners grade-level content differentiated to their reading level, with extra scaffolding, skills practice and time-on-task to support each student’s learning needs—and by also integrating personalized career and essential skills development.

As the school year progressed, Beable saw highly effective implementations at numerous districts and schools, despite the pressures and challenges of the pandemic. A preliminary analysis of data among students using the Life-Ready Literacy System reveals literacy acceleration at 5X expected growth across grade levels and student populations (including ELLs and students in intervention programs).

Beable also received several education industry accolades, Including two 2021 EDTECH Awards (Leadership and Cool Tool) and a 2021 CODiE Award for the Best Advanced Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution. Beable’s initial product release was for Middle School. The system now serves grades 2-12 with age-appropriate Elementary, Middle School and High School editions.

For the 2021/22 school year, the Beable system has added several key features:

  • Real-Time Learner Records: Beable Learner Records, accessible to students, educators and parents/guardians, reflect the whole child, including personal and career interests and strengths, academic gaps and goals, accomplishments, and college/workplace aspirations. Beable leverages the Learner Records to give all students their own tailored experiences by automatically forecasting the recommended number of core academic lessons and types of scaffolds needed to accelerate toward grade-level, graduation and college/career literacy goals. Through Learner Records, the system also automatically applies the right combinations of methodologies in and out of the classroom to progressively build skills, including differentiation, individualization and personalization. The Learner Records grow and evolve with the student from year to year.
  • Interactive Teacher Edition to Monitor and Engage Students: The new Beable Teacher Edition provides educators with interactive and customizable reports and metrics, including a Forecasting report, Lexile Growth report and Lesson Progress report. Educators also have easy access to student Learner Records to encourage monitoring of academic progress and connecting with students on personal and career interests. Educators are able to preview courses and lessons so they can connect lessons to their scope and sequence, prepare students for high-stakes ELA tests and for end-of-course content area tests.
  • Dual Language Immersion Program. Beable has expanded equitable access and cultural sensitivity by offering a dual language immersion program, in which all students can build literacy skills in both English and Spanish. Students complete Lexile placement tests in both languages, learn their gaps to grade-level, college and career literacy goals, and track the number of core academic lessons and types of scaffolds they need to overcome their gaps. Educators can monitor student usage and performance in both languages. Importantly, student Learner Records are available in both English and Spanish, as well.
  • Internal and External Motivation to Build Student Agency. Beable motivates students internally through personalized reading and career exploration. Students’ external motivation comes from earning points and now, new Beable Bucks (or digital dollars) based on program usage and achievements. These can be spent on special accessories in the Beable avatar builder. Points and Bucks help reinforce desired behaviors in Beable and motivate students to accelerate their literacy.

Beable CEO Saki Dodelson commented, “Our dream is to give rise to students’ dreams. We have made great strides since we launched in elevating the way students are educated by using the latest technology and best methodologies to cultivate the whole child, accelerate literacy and learning, and explicitly connect literacy to personalized career development.”

About Beable

Beable is a women-owned public-benefit corporation launched by ed-tech visionary Saki Dodelson and the co-founders of Achieve3000®. With Beable, Dodelson and her team are pursuing an ambitious and essential mission: to exponentially accelerate literacy and learning for all students, while creating personalized pathways to lifelong success. Beable delivers on its charter by providing K-12’s first Life-Ready Literacy System, a revolutionary, multi-dimensional system that enables all students to achieve unprecedented 5X literacy gains by integrating literacy acceleration with content mastery, SEL and career development. Powered by the proprietary BeableIQ™ engine, which combines automation, artificial intelligence and flexibility across physical and virtual learning environments, Beable is a system created especially for the educational challenges of 2021 and beyond. The Beable Life-Ready Literacy System won a 2021 CODiE Award for the Best Advanced Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution. Beable also provides TestAhead, the ultra-personalized online ACT/SAT prep solution that leverages students’ unique strengths to build test-taking skills and cognitive flexibility – while assuring test-prep equity, exposure and access. Learn more at

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