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LONDON, ENGLAND, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coinboard, a licensed crypto and forex trading platform equipped with one of the finest copy-trading software, was born 5 years ago when a group of individuals joined forces with an objective to educate, empower and facilitate individuals in the expeditious financial market using advanced and efficient tools.

Becoming a crypto trader might be intimidating for newbies. Copy trading simply implies mimicking the methods of renowned traders or influencers, which includes directly copying another trader’s positions. In this approach, investors pick how much money they want to invest and then mimic the positions taken by the trader they are following. As a result, the investor receives the same returns as the traders. So you may possibly generate money off of the abilities of others.

One significant advantage of copy trading is that even novices who find becoming a crypto trader challenging could invest like an expert. Furthermore, individuals can invest in cryptocurrencies that they have never heard of or know very little about.

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What makes Coinboard better than others

Coinboard emphasizes its customers’ convenience and has provided over 100 payment methods to over 150000 trust-building accounts. Coinboard has developed one of the smartest Copy Trader tools, allowing individuals to mimic expert investors.

Furthermore, Coinboard is constantly expanding its library, which now has around 150 e-books, video lessons, articles, blogs, and other educational resources for users to self-learn and unlock their potential. Coinboard continues to grow for the benefit of the trading community, with a wide pool of strategy managers and ECN accounts available.

Coinboard has its own investor Facebook page, where members connect and exchange ideas, trading methods, and insights to assist novices. It also links users with other traders and investors.

Other major features of Coinboard include:

  • Safe Storage of Funds
  • Licensed System
  • Multi-Regulated Platform
  • Free Deposits and Promotional Offers
  • Quick Help
  • Free Insurance
  • Low Fees and 0% Commission
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Demo Account at Minimal Charges

Coinboard Services and Productivity

Moreover, Coinboard provides one of the finest services in the industry to suit the needs of its customers. Coinboard listens to them, helps them, and tries to collaborate with them. They have a skilled team that goes to great lengths to maintain a problem-free workplace.

  • Coinboard provides a simple way to withdraw and deposit cash.
  • It provides a mechanism that automatically safeguards the user’s money, thereby tailoring risk management.
  • Coinboard provides a wide range of technical assistance to clients in order to help them with their trading needs. It suggests ideas for improving processes and avoiding blunders.
  • Coinboard provides a platform where users may stay up to date by receiving real-time notifications and live interactive newsfeeds.
  • Coinboard provides comprehensive analytical tools from which users may obtain all types of data analytics to boost their tactics.
  • Coinboard provides services in a variety of languages to facilitate cross-cultural contact.

Coinboard’s Trading Environment

Coinboard is equipped with a sophisticated NDD platform that interacts with numerous suppliers to provide users with access to bank liquidity and rapid rates, allowing them to get the most out of their trading.

Tight markets may be stressful, but Coinboard makes it easier for users. Coinboard recommends a Forex broker with tight spreads; the initial trading price is up to them, and Coinboard provides an edge at the beginning. It is up to the user to make the most of 0.1 pips.

Users using the Coinboard platform do not have to worry about executions. Transactions are completed quickly and at the best possible pricing and promotions.

Coinboard promotes Algorithmic Trading, in which a trader develops a new strategy and applies it to an automated trading system. It will continue the trading process for users even if they are not available.

Market events are crucial for each trader since they confirm the opening and closing hours of the exchanges. Depending on the asset class and exchange, each instrument will have a separate opening and closing hour. Coinboard promotes and empowers users to keep a close eye on the trading hours so that they may maximize their profits.

Coinboard Privacy and Security

At Coinboard, your earnings and funds are kept safe. Every coin earned through trade is deposited into a separate account. Even if there is a security breach or fraud, it will be secure and safe. Furthermore, customers’ money are never utilized for Coinboard’s profits, since this violates Coinboard’s code of conduct.

Advanced Encryption protects user information. Advanced encryption protects the communication channel between traders, eliminating the chance of data leaking. Unless compelled by law, Coinboard never discloses any information.

Coinboard is a platform that is multi-regulated. FINRA (United States), ASIC (Australia), and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) all have rules that Coinboard adheres to (UK).

Coinboard Vision

Coinboard’s goal is to instruct, encourage, and empower individuals to grow their knowledge and fortune in the fast-paced financial market.

With copy trading, new investors don’t have to learn about trends, charts, or make the difficult decision of whether to purchase, sell, or hold one of the various assets accessible to them. Instead, they can pick an investor who has consistently produced high returns and replicate their moves in their own portfolio. By doing so, Coinboard will establish a barrier-free trading corridor to make trading convenient for everyone.

About Coinboard

Coinboard began five years ago as a small group of individuals who wanted to help individuals with Forex and Cryptocurrency trading leveraging modern and efficient technologies. Their efforts and hard work have resulted in them being a prominent trading corporation with a respected global reputation. Coinboard has overcome all difficulties for the good of the firm and its users since 2017.

Coinboard used to have a simple platform, but now it has a user-friendly trading platform, a social trading platform, a variety of trading marketplaces, copy trading, and much more.


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Risk Warning:

Please consider spread, possible volatility, and margin cushion before choosing an instrument to trade. Remember that trading in derivative financial instruments carries a high level of risk.


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a Professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.)


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