Cohere For AI Announces Non-Profit Lab Dedicated to Open

PALO ALTO, Calif. and TORONTO, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Cohere For AI, a non-profit research lab and community, announced its official launch. Dedicated to contributing open source, fundamental machine learning research, the lab will focus on solving some of the most complex challenges in the field of machine learning.

Sara Hooker will serve as Head of Cohere For AI, bringing a wealth of knowledge across AI and machine learning, with a specialty in deep learning. Prior to Cohere For AI, Sara was a Research Scientist at Google Brain where she focused on training models that go beyond top-line metrics to effectively demonstrate ability to be interpretable, compact, fair, and robust. She also founded Delta Analytics, a non-profit that brings together researchers, data scientists, and software engineers to volunteer their skills for non-profits around the world.

“In order to realise the potential of machine learning, we need to make sure we’re working across a diverse set of people, disciplines, backgrounds, and geographies,” said Aidan Gomez, CEO and Cofounder at Cohere. “I’m so excited to have Sara at the helm of Cohere For AI and can’t wait to build the community together.”

Cohere For AI aims to create open collaboration with the broader machine learning community. The lab is committed to supporting fundamental research on machine learning topics, while also prioritizing good stewardship of open source scientific practices.

“This is the lab I wish had existed when I entered the field,” said Hooker, Head of Cohere For AI. “Depending on where you’re located, there’s often a lack of opportunities in machine learning. Cohere For AI aims to reimagine how, where, and by whom research is done. I’m inspired by the opportunity to make an impact in ways that don’t just advance progress on machine learning research, but also broadens access to the field.”

In addition to contributions to fundamental research, Cohere For AI will support a machine learning community where members can connect with each other, discover new colleagues, and spur open discussion and collaboration. The lab and community will work to create new points of entry to machine learning research and will, ultimately, reflect the diversity of its members’ experiences and interests.

To get involved, browse our open research positions at, and stay in the loop on new programs and lab developments by signing up here.

About Cohere For AI
Cohere For AI is a non-profit research lab and community dedicated to contributing fundamental research in machine learning, working to solve some of the field’s most challenging problems. It supports responsible research across machine learning, while also prioritizing good stewardship of open source scientific practices. As a borderless research lab, Cohere For AI is community-driven and motivated by the opportunity to establish an inclusive, distributed community made up of brilliant research and engineering talent from across the globe.

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