CHOSEN Launches Caffeine-based Hair Growth Serum under the Morning Lark Redensyl Banner


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

CHOSEN® has launched a new botanical-based hair growth serum that can accelerate hair growth with the help of Redensyl under the brand name Mornng Lark Redensyl. Morning Lark Redensyl contains a unique Caffeine-Redensyl complex in which Redensyl quickly transits dormant hair follicles to the growth phase, and the potent Caffeine helps maintain those hair follicles in the growth phase for a more extended period.


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Faster Hair Growth now possible with Morning Lark Redensyl


Caffeine has long been proven for use in controlling hair fall and stimulating hair growth. In combination with Redensyl, the time to response is expected to be much shortened. Waiting for results when managing hair fall can be quite stressful, and this product has addressed this particular pain point of customers. Achieving results early reassures users and enhances compliance, which is very important for sustained, long-term results. Being a dermatologist-tried and tested formula, Morning Lark Redensyl is a safe and effective therapy to preserve your precious hair.


Morning Lark Redensyl is priced at Rs. 3850 and comes in an attractive 42 ml pack. This power-packed hair growth serum works directly on hair follicle stem cells and boosts keratin, reducing hair fall and supporting the existing hair to grow longer and stronger,” said Punitha Vijayakrishnan, Head of Outreach Marketing, CHOSEN.


Be it any form of hair loss like the male pattern or female pattern hair loss, hair fall post illness, hair thinning, Morning Lark Redensyl will be an ideal hair growth serum to add to your hair care routine,” she added.


Just spraying 5 to 6 pumps of Morning Lark Redensyl in the daytime on the targeted areas with a good massage for 3 to 4 minutes for about 12 weeks is expected to reduce your hair loss. It takes dedication and a disciplined hair care routine for you to see results,” she further quoted.



At CHOSEN®, they apply the power of science to do good and look good. It takes them years of research and testing, engaging some of the best minds in the field. Only then do they have a product that meets the standards that CHOSEN has set for themselves. CHOSEN is committed to creating and offering unique products with performing ingredients. What really sets CHOSEN apart is the knowledge gained from clinical experience that helps them deliver high-performance products.


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