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Commercial vehicle telematics research: three parties make efforts to facilitate the industrial upgrade of commercial vehicle telematics.

In 2022, China’s commercial vehicle telematics industry continues upgrade. Intelligent terminal suppliers, telematics platforms of OEMs, and third-party operating platforms realize business expansion and digital upgrade on the strength of their own advantages.

1. As terminal product standards are upgraded, leading companies stick with intelligent expansion.

Driven by factors such as upgraded China Phase VI Emission Standards and new national standards, commercial vehicle products like driving recorder and T-Box enter the upgrade phase in 2022. Leading suppliers are the first to launch new products to respond to the update needs of OEMs in a timely manner.

Terminal device bellwethers are expanding their intelligence business centering on intelligent needs of commercial vehicles. For example, for commercial vehicles, Hopechart IoT has built a product system of five major hardware devices: driving recorder, ADAS terminal, center console screen, T-Box and camera.

These products keep upgrading in accordance with new standards and requirements. The company completed pre-research and inspection of the new national standard-compliant driving recorder products in the first half of 2022, which are expected to be mounted on heavy duty vehicles first. Its T-Box used for telematics management and heavy truck exhaust monitoring is connected to CAN buses, and supports OTA updates. Its vehicle center console screens are led by 7 to 15-inch large displays.

2. OEMs expand service scope to create ecosystem solutions.

To expand the value chain, commercial vehicle OEMs are integrating ecological resources and building system solutions, with products as the core. Besides such functions as vehicle monitoring, fleet management, and driving behavior analysis, OEMs start extension to the aftermarket chain covering precision marketing, financial insurance, and after-sales service, and realize refined management according to application scenarios.

In Sinotruk’s case, it achieves `higher total revenue from S-TVO in the full life cycle` by starting from the links of logistics efficiency upgrade, butler services, asset management and platform added value.

In 2022, FAW Jiefang boasts a telematics installation rate of 100%, and realizes interconnection between cloud platforms, intelligent hardware terminals, and service points of contact. In the next three years, the company will focus its efforts on product competitive edge enhancement, industrial application of big data, and large-scale ecosystem development.

In March 2022, Dongfeng Trucks released the ecosystem brand `Kunyue`. In addition to product sales, it provides customers with a range of solutions such as finance, after-sales, supporting, information, operation, and management. The brand has made three breakthroughs:

  • Build a big data platform for digital transformation in R&D, supply, manufacture, marketing, and service models, and explore the `product + operation + ecosystem` business model;
  • In the operation of application sub-scenario ecosystem, build `battery swap logistics operation solution` and `smart port operation solution`;
  • Launch `Sunshine Connection` online freight platform to enable interconnection between online freight platforms.

3. Third-party operating platforms are dedicated to digital upgrade of sub-scenarios.

Third-party operating platforms provide general or customized services for general or specific customers. Their service contents cover multiple functions such as map navigation, logistics tracking, and supervision and management. Third-party operating platforms have matured with their own features.

For OEMs, vehicle owners and drivers, logistics companies, aftermarket service providers, financial insurance companies, and carriers, Zhonghuan Satellite Navigation Communication Co., Ltd. facilitates the intensive, intelligent and digital upgrade of the logistics industry. The company has launched intelligent connection service solutions for more than 10 commercial vehicle manufacturers and served more than 1.4 million vehicles.

Taking government supervision as the starting point, Sinoiov cooperates with the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Public Security among others to obtain relevant data permissions, and provides related data application services, based on which Sinoiov has established a national road freight platform. While providing regulatory services for governments, it also offers an array of platform services to road freight companies, and provides financial services according to scenarios.

Third-party operating platforms have the ability to integrate information and data of different automakers, companies, and vehicles. Enabling cross-platform services through connected data according to the needs of each sub-scenario has become the key direction of digital upgrade.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Overview and Development Trends of Commercial Vehicle Telematics

2 Commercial Vehicle Telematics Terminal Devices

2.1 Overview of Telematics Terminal Devices

2.2 Major Suppliers of Vehicle Terminal Devices

2.3 Driving Recorder

2.4 T-BOX

2.5 Human-computer Interaction Terminal: Center Console Screen

2.6 DMS (Driver Monitoring System)

3 Commercial Vehicle Telematics Service Provider (TSP) Platforms

3.1 Overview of Commercial Vehicle TSP

3.2 TSP Services Led by OEMs

3.3 Commercial Vehicle Telematics Platform Led by Chinese OEMs

3.4 Third-party TSP Platforms

3.5 Third-Party Commercial Vehicle TSPs in China

3.6 Rankings of TSPs by Province

3.7 Market Distribution of TSPs

3.8 Fleet Management Services

3.9 Cloud/Data Service Providers

3.10 Commercial Vehicle OTA

4 Commercial Vehicle Telematics Layout of Chinese OEMs

4.1 FAW Jiefang

4.1.1 Telematics Platform

4.1.2 Development History of Telematics

4.1.3 Examples of Production Vehicle Models

4.1.4 Functions of Jiefangxing System

4.1.5 Service Sections of Jiefangxing

4.1.6 Columbo Program

4.1.7 Launch of Overseas Telematics Platform

4.1.8 Smartlink+

4.1.9 Partners

4.2 Dongfeng Trucks

4.3 Sinotruk

4.4 Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile

4.5 Foton Motor

4.6 SAIC Hongyan

4.7 Yutong Bus

4.8 King Long

5 Chinese Commercial Vehicle Telematics Suppliers

5.1 Hopechart IoT

5.1.1 Profile

5.1.2 Revenue

5.1.3 Business System

5.1.4 Hardware Products

5.1.5 Software Products

5.1.6 Solutions

5.1.7 Platform Products

5.1.8 Ongoing R&D Projects

5.1.9 Partners

5.2 Yaxon Network

5.3 Sinoiov

5.4 Qiming Information

5.5 Zhonghuan Satellite

5.6 Sealevel Data Technology

5.7 Jingwei Hirain

5.8 Intest

5.9 Yuwei Information


5.11 E-Surfing IoT

5.12 InHand Networks

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