Chef and Influencer Nehal Karkera Set to Enter OneRare, the World’s First Foodverse

OneRare is thrilled to announce its partnership with renowned Chef and Food Blogger, Nehal Karkera, as he sets foot in OneRare’s Foodverse.


Nehal, a professional chef from Mumbai, India, loves sharing his simple but beloved dishes in crisp formats that spread like wildfire almost every time. He is known to showcase his culinary wonders as high-energy entertainment to his thousands of fans on the internet over various social media platforms. With over 170,000 followers on Instagram, and his growing legion of loyal followers on Youtube, Chef Nehal is one of the most popular content creators of the culinary world. Weather its deep-frying onion fritters or chopping veggies for a salad, he does it in an oh-so-spectacular way that it’s impossible to not be entertained and inspired.


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Nehal Karkera, Freelance Chef, Food Stylist, Menu & Restaurant consultant


With his newest partnership, Chef Nehal Karkera, is ready to grab all eyeballs in Web3 from his very own virtual kitchen in the OneRare Foodverse. His sensational dishes will be tokenized as Rare NFTs with real world use cases. The global food community including thousands of his social media followers will then be able to explore and appreciate his handmade delicacies, up-close and personal-including the Chef special that broke the internet – Cheesy Garlic Bread.


Chef Nehal started his career back in 2007, in India, working at a reputed 5-star hotel for a few years after which he began working with a stand-alone specialty restaurants in Mumbai, growing to the ranks of Executive Chef within the organization. After about 8 years, around 2015, He went on to do a stint with a Michelin star in America & also has briefly worked with Walt Disney Cruise liners, before coming back to his homeland. There he started consulting with a number of restaurants & also worked as a food stylist for various digital platforms. It was just when the pandemic hit when he started exploring and creating social media content which soon gained popularity, owing to his creativity in presenting his mouth-watering recipes coupled with wacky sense of humor.


Talking about this partnership – Nehal Karkera, Freelance Chef, Food Stylist, Menu & Restaurant consultant, “Digital content is evolving so rapidly, that you don’t know what is going to happen in the next few weeks, getting into the Metaverse space early is something that makes me curious but also excited about the future of content. I can’t really say much about the benefits as of now, but I see a whole lot of possibilities in the futures, these may include selling products in a completely different way, interacting with the audience differently & more ways to work with brands.”


OneRare is excited to be a worthy vessel to introduce Chef Nehal Karkera to the Metaverse and introduce his popular dishes as NFTs, to the foodies worldwide.


With Chef’s hearty laughter and delectable dishes, this partnership is surely going to stir up fresh conversations over great meals in the Foodverse. Stay tuned to watch Chef Nehal livestream from his virtual kitchen, soon!


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