Charity Token ‘Pawthereum’ Launches to Bring the Blockchain

Hämeenlinna, Finland, Oct. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pawthereum, a community-run charity cryptocurrency project, has fully launched on the Ethereum blockchain after months of ground work by an all-volunteer team to rescue, revitalize, and rebrand the abandoned Grumpy Finance project. 

Supporting animal shelters and advocating for the well-being of animals in need are at the center of the project. Their $PAWTH token has charitable giving built-in. A percentage of every transaction is sent directly and automatically to a charity crypto-wallet, and donations to specific animal shelters will be voted on by Pawthereum token owners. 

To date, over $72,000 in donations has been raised and given by the project pre-launch, a number Pawthereum intends to far exceed into the future. “We aim to become a leading disruptor of charitable inclusion by utilizing blockchain technology to obtain funding, bypass the middleman, and donate directly to smaller animal shelters around the world who need assistance,” says project leader Nawzad Amiri. 

He adds, “The vision behind Pawthereum is not limited to providing aid to animal shelters. We also plan to educate animal-based charities on the benefits of digital assets, so more shelters set up the capability to receive donations in cryptocurrency and we can help more animals.” 

The token has a few other features built in like community reflections that continuously reward all token holders. The team also has plans to collaborate with artists to use custom pet NFTs to help raise additional donations for shelters across the world, and they will help fundraise in fiat currency for animal shelters that are not yet ready to add crypto-capability. 

One thing that sets this project apart from others in the crypto-space is that the leadership team is fully doxxed (uses real names) internally. This was done to build legitimacy and credibility for a project focused on long term goals. As community moderator Antony Gutierrez puts it, “Building and maintaining the trust of our pawesome community has been priority number one from the start. We are in this for the animals and we have big plans for Pawthereum into the future.” 

As of October 10th, their token is available for trading on the Ethereum network on Uniswap and Shibaswap, and it will be available on the BigOne exchange October 15th. Other exchanges will be added over time. For more information about Pawthereum, visit and visit their Telegram and Discord channels to talk directly to team members and join their community.

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