Character Update: Dan-Ah, Vindictus's 19th Hero

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nexon has announced that Dan-Ah, the 19th hero in Vindictus is live as of 12/7.

Character Update: Dan-Ah, Vindictus’s 19th Hero

Vindictus is an action MMORPG that launched in 2010, making 2021 its 11th year of service. It features battles that demonstrate impressive action and powerful impact, as well as an interesting story and beautiful background music.

The 19th hero Dan-Ah is a warrior who was exiled from the underworld and came to the land of the living. Dan-Ah uses the Soulblade to make measured attacks, along with a repertoire of soul-powered abilities. In battle, she can throw her weapon and teleport to it, and unleash the power of souls from her weapon to vanquish foes quickly. Dan-Ah’s disciplined yet fancy skills make her an exciting character to play.

Dan-Ah’s exclusive equipment, Phoenix Soul, is modeled after the wings and the tail feathers of a phoenix, conveying the exotic beauty that accentuates Dan-Ah’s charm. The second exclusive equipment, Grand Soul, is a gear that Dan-Ah used to use in the past. It is designed to not only express her honest nature, but also protect her body from attacks from any enemy.

Dan-Ah’s combat style is a delightful combination of disciplined movements and soul-powered abilities to perform flurry of attacks. ‘Soul Tracer’ links your soul to the Soulblade, unsheathes your weapon, and throws the blade forward. After using this skill, you can chain into ‘Soul Shift’, where you turn into a soul and teleport, or ‘Soul Strike’, where you turn into a soul and attack. ‘Ritual of Ending’ throws your weapon above, transforms into soul form to teleport, charges up power in the air, and performs a powerful downward strike. It does the most damage out of all of Dan-Ah’s skills. ‘Great Beyond’ is Dan-Ah’s suppression skill that uses the power of her weapon and souls in harmony, barraging the enemy with attacks. Such fancy and powerful skills make Dan-Ah’s gameplay even more fun. You can find more detailed information on Dan-Ah’s gameplay on [Dan-Ah Promotion Page] (


Vindictus is holding various events to celebrate the addition of Dan-Ah. Through the Dan-Ah’s Celebratory Package Event, all players who create a Dan-Ah character and reach Lv. 10+ with her during the event will receive a permanent special outfit for free. Through the Dan-Ah Level Up Go! Event, new characters receive support for rapid growth. Also, through the ‘2021 Freezing Cold! Winter Golden Time Event’, you can obtain Max +15 Swap Coupon Box, Max +20 Accessory Coupon Box, and etc. You can find more information on the overall events in progress via [Event] (

Furthermore, Vindictus has added various content with its latest update. You can learn about the details from the [full patch notes] (

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