Celebrity Dog Trainer Ryan Matthews Shares Two Radically New Perspectives About Life and Dogs on the TEDx Stage



One of the nation’s top celebrity dog trainers reveals how people can learn life lessons from dogs.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2022 / — Representatives with Celebrity Dog Trainer and Combat Veteran Ryan Matthews today revealed a TEDx video where he shares two radically new perspectives about life and dogs.

“I gave this talk to inspire people to look to their dog as a way to have stronger and deeper relationships with their four-legged family members,” said Matthews, founder, CEO, and spokesperson for World Of Dog Training.

During the talk held at TEDx Skyforest in Southern California, Matthews revealed how he struggled to connect with people after returning home from serving as a combat K-9 handler in the Army.

“The talk is inspired by the things I have wanted to either improve upon or even struggle with,” Matthews said.

Matthews, also a published author, who has trained thousands of dogs, points out during the TEDx video that perhaps it’s no coincidence that dog spelled backward is G-o-d! One of the main questions that Matthews asks the audience during the video is what lifelong lessons dogs can teach us?

“Dogs are a lot like people,” Matthews stressed before adding that if people treated their family members, loved ones, and relationships with total enthusiasm as we do with our dog, we could experience deeper relationships.

Those interested can view the TEDx video here.

As an explosive K-9 handler, Matthews notes that dogs were the only beings he viewed as safe and trustworthy. In fact, he notes in the video that in the past, he had put up walls when it came to his emotions and connections with people.

However, he noticed that when dogs fight or have conflict, in the end, they will make up with each other as if nothing had ever happened.

“That’s a lesson for us all that we can learn from dogs,” Matthews said. “So the next time you have conflict, think of dogs on how they get over conflict.”

In addition to sharing two radically new perspectives about life and dogs on the TEDx stage, earlier this year Matthews changed his mission from protecting world leaders to keeping the world safe with his upcoming COVID-19 detection dogs program.

“I’m leveraging the same skills I learned to train elite Army dogs,” Matthews said. He graduated from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, in 2002, becoming a certified Military Working Dog Handler.

Matthews, also a former combat K-9 handler – an alumnus of the Wounded Warrior Project and a volunteer for the Youth Motivational Speaker Taskforce and The Mission Continues, explained that anyone interested in his services can schedule a call today.

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