Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence: Gresham Ford

Original Staff Celebrating with General Manager, Preston Wills

Original Staff Celebrating with General Manager, Preston Wills

Gresham Ford Dealer with a Heart Logo

Gresham Ford Dealer with a Heart Logo

Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence: Gresham Ford: A Paradigm of Community Engagement and Unwavering Service in the Gresham Area

We are so thankful for all of those who make Gresham Ford their dealership of choice. It has allowed us to support 75+ employees, their families and the community for the last 20 years. Thank you!”

— Bess Wills, Co-Owner & GM, Gresham Ford

GRESHAM, OREGON, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2023 / — Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Gresham Ford continues to be a cornerstone in the Gresham Area Community through its exceptional customer service, employee development initiatives, and impactful community engagement programs led by the altruistic vision of Co-Owner/Operator, Bess Wills.

Looking ahead, exciting expansions encompass a state-of-the-art Ford Pro Elite service center, an enlarged Ford Service Center, as well as continued dedication and investment in additional charging stations, staff training, and the offer of ever-expanding electric vehicle models.

In 2003, a promising yet arduous journey began when Bess, Bob, and Preston ventured from the sun-kissed terrains of Southern California to the picturesque heart of the Pacific Northwest, braving the unknown as they took the reins of a struggling Ford dealership in Gresham, Oregon. The road was far from smooth, yet the trio, steered by Bess’s indomitable spirit, managed to turn a faltering venture into a flagship of success – a Ford President’s Award-winning dealership that stands as a testament to determination, hard work, and a ceaseless ambition to serve.

A remarkable journey of loyalty, trust, and constant evolution marks the 20-year anniversary of this cherished Oregon Ford Dealer. This milestone is not merely a testament to enduring business acumen but is significantly enriched by the commendable dedication of seven original staff members who also celebrate more than 20 years with this family-owned and operated dealership. As a cornerstone of the local automotive landscape, this establishment has consistently delivered on its promise of quality, trust, and community-centric services.

As the bastion of “Serving the Gresham Area Community” ethos, Gresham Ford marks its two-decade journey, not merely as a dealership but as a stalwart community member, tirelessly working to enrich the lives in its locale. Nestled just to the east of the bustling city of Portland, this family-operated citadel of automotive excellence celebrated its 20th anniversary, a meritorious milestone that epitomizes its unwavering dedication and service to the community it proudly calls home.

The driving force behind Gresham Ford’s illustrious journey is its service-oriented paradigm, meticulously curated and nurtured by the esteemed Operator and co-owner, Bess Wills. Her leadership has been the beacon, guiding the dealership on a path synonymous with exceptional customer service, robust employee development, and substantial community engagement, making Gresham Ford a name revered not just for automotive solutions but for its heart.

Fostering an environment of professional evolution and skill augmentation, Gresham Ford has emerged as a nurturing ground for its employees. The emphasis on continual training and a supportive work culture ensures that the team is armed with the requisite knowledge and proficiency, paving the way for an exceptional customer service experience. This investment in human capital is not merely a business strategy, but a manifestation of Gresham Ford’s core belief in growing together with its team.

The community-centric ethos of Gresham Ford finds a tangible expression in its pioneering “Contribute to the Community” program. A venture that allows customers to earmark 10% of their parts or service invoice to a local non-profit organization of their choice, fostering a spirit of philanthropy and neighborhood camaraderie. This innovative initiative amplifies the symbiotic relationship between the dealership and the community, strengthening the societal fabric of the East Portland and Columbia Gorge area.

Amid the shadows cast by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bess Wills spearheaded the Love Project, an endeavor aimed at fostering hope, support, and resilience amongst local residents and businesses. The Love Project emboldens the community to manifest kindness and positivity through various acts of love, a sublime initiative that resonates with Bess’s enduring commitment to her community and her firm belief in the regenerative power of human connection.

As Gresham Ford jubilantly commemorates its 20th anniversary, it stands as a symbol of more than just a dealership—it’s a conduit of unwavering service, a platform for fostering professional growth, and a beacon of community solidarity.

The dealership, with its unwavering dedication to customer service, employee nourishment, and community outreach, encapsulates what it means to be a business with a heart. As they gaze at the horizon of the next 20 years, the blueprint of continual community service and excellence is vivid, promising a legacy of positive impact and an unwavering commitment to “Serving the Gresham Area Community.”

Celebrating 20 golden years is a launchpad for futuristic and strategic expansions aimed at providing enhanced services to Oregon residents. A crucial part of this forward-thinking initiative is the expansion of the existing popular Ford Service Center. This enlargement will ensure that more customers can experience the top-notch service that the center is renowned for, significantly reducing waiting times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

In a visionary move to cater to the growing commercial fleet demands, the dealership is ecstatic to announce the addition of a dedicated Ford Pro Elite service center. This specialized center will provide a robust suite of services tailored for commercial fleet management. Its inception is a direct reflection of the dealership’s enduring commitment to evolving with the automotive industry’s dynamic needs and providing unmatched expertise in commercial fleet services.

A futuristic view is incomplete without a solid green initiative. Recognizing the global shift towards electric mobility, the dealership has laid down a concrete plan to increase the number of charging stations significantly. This is a clear nod to the inexorable trend of electric vehicles (EVs) and a step towards fostering a greener automotive landscape in Oregon. It’s an earnest endeavor to provide current and prospective EV owners with more accessibility to charging infrastructure, underscoring the dealership’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Furthermore, a conscious effort to continually invest in sharing new and ever-expanding green and electric solutions reiterates the dealership’s position as a forward-thinking, eco-conscious, and community-centric establishment. As electric and hybrid models continue to carve a significant niche in the automotive market, this Oregon Ford Dealer is poised to be at the forefront of facilitating this green transition for all Oregon residents.

This 20-year celebration is more than a milestone; it’s a bold stride into a future brimming with potential and exciting endeavors. The enduring loyalty of veteran staff members, coupled with strategic expansions, paints a promising picture of sustained success and a robust commitment to serving the community’s evolving automotive needs.

For more details on the celebratory events, expansions, and green initiatives, you are encouraged to visit the dealership, where the journey of the past 20 years will be honored, and the roadmap for the future will be unveiled.

As Gresham Ford gears up for the odyssey of the next two decades, the narrative of its past is a compelling testament to what a business can achieve with a servant’s heart at its core.

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