CarGuard Trevor Smith Is Committed To Customer Service

A picture of a CarGuard customer filing a claim online

A picture of a CarGuard customer filing a claim online

CarGuard Administration has grown steadily to become a leader in their industry. They are committed to providing the best vehicle protection plans.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2022 / — CarGuard Administration has grown steadily to become a leader in the vehicle service contracts industry. The company is committed to providing the best possible vehicle protection plans at the lowest prices possible.

CarGuard Administration’s success story is not complete without mentioning Trevor Smith. The top executive is focused on ensuring CarGuard delivers the best possible customer experience, which is critical in ensuring every customer is satisfied.

CarGuard’s Trevor Smith highlights how the company is committed to customer satisfaction and customer service.

1. Experienced Adjusters

When a car breaks down, the experience can be frustrating. The repair cost can also dent the car owner’s finances, making the whole experience more frustrating.

However, if you have one of the vehicle protection plans offered by CarGuard, there is no reason to worry. This is because CarGuard has a large team of customer-centric adjusters who are also experienced, mechanics.

This means that every claim will be adjudicated fairly and on time, which is the benefit of having experienced adjusters.

2. Innovative Customer-Friendly Vehicle Protection Plans

According to CarGuard’s Trevor Smith, one of the best ways of improving customer satisfaction is to provide customers with innovative vehicle protection plans without limiting or restrictive terms.

There is no need to have a vehicle protection plan with many benefits and plenty of restrictive terms that can render the plan useless.

As the company’s CEO, Trevor Smith knows that customers want to know the contents of vehicle protection plans before making a purchase, so CarGuard contracts are written in a customer-friendly language that’s easy to understand.

As a result, CarGuard plans are considered some of the most pro-customer plans on the market.

3. First Day Rentals

CarGuard provides clients with a rental car immediately. Whether the repairs take an hour, two hours, or a day, CarGuard will provide a free rental car for the client to use while waiting for their vehicle to be fixed.

Other companies only approve a free rental car service if the repairs are projected to take longer than 4 hours. CarGuard ensures that the customer’s day will not be interrupted by auto breakdowns and lengthy repairs.

Trevor Smith thinks it’s good practice to provide customers with an alternative vehicle whether the repairs will take two hours or a week.

4. Customer Friendly Liability Coverage

While many people may focus on the cost of a protection plan, what matters more is the extent of liability coverage. Trevor Smith believes that it is good practice to offer clients vehicle protection plans that provide sufficient coverage to customers at a competitive price. This helps to promote a win-win situation, which is suitable for the industry.

CarGuard offers four types of vehicle protection plans: platinum protection plans, gold protection plans, valve-train coverage, and prepaid maintenance plans.

All these plans come with a free car rental service and bonus roadside assistance. This means you will not be stranded by the roadside when your vehicle breaks down.

As a result, car owners can have peace of mind knowing they are always covered. Whether a vehicle needs repairs or maintenance, the owner will not be required to fork out a large sum of cash to pay for the service because CarGuard will be there to offer assistance.

Clients can call the company directly for assistance or file their claims online via the company’s website. There is always a team on standby to offer assistance at all times, including at night, on weekends, and during the holidays.

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