Cardano’s GOmetalaunch Starts Its First Security Audit, As

New York, NY, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GOmetalaunch team is pleased to announce the progress of its private sale, as with the immense support and love, it has sold 80% of the allotted tokens so far, nearing the Soft-Cap target. The further info about sales progress can be seen on:

Despite this, the team is committed to continuing their due diligence by continuous work on the project, as is evident in the just recent announcement of our Technical update which can be viewed on our GitHub account at 

While another thing that GOmetalaunch team is proud to announce is that audit have begun towards their platforms Security audit. The Security audit will help GOmetalaunch project to check for vulnerabilities and Security threats as it will enables to make the Platform full and fail proof against DDOS attacks, hacks and all and any form of hack and cyber-attack. Despite the strong shield of blockchain technology the Security of its platform, users are the top priority for them, which safety is kept at highest priority.

The ongoing Security update will be the first of many more to come and the results of the update will be made available to the Community members in an announcement on Monday the 21st of March 2022.

Announcement about subsequent Audits will be made available to Community members on later dates.

After the Private Sale for $URGO Tokens finishes, the team will be move towards the next round of sales, which will be Public Sale and ISPO, at much higher price. Users can join the on-going sales through

About GOmetalaunch 

GOmetalaunch is the first Cross Chain Metaverse IDO Launchpad being built on the Cardano Blockchain. Metalaunch will act as the gateway to the metaverse, offering GO Community members and Token Holders the opportunity to become the earliest and pioneer adopters of the Metaverse through exclusive Metaverse Project launches that will form the building blocks of the future of the Metaverse.

Private Sale Details 

Private Sale Allocation: 100,000,000 URGO Tokens

Private Sale Price: 0.0021

Sales Page

Minimum Buy Amount: 200 ADA per purchase
Maximum Buy Amount: 20,000 ADA per Purchase

How To Buy $URGO Tokens

Step 1: Purchase ADA from any cryptocurrency exchange company for example Coinbase or Binance and send them to your Cardano wallet like Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite, Nami.

Step 2: Visit the $URGO Token Sale Page and send your ADA to the provided wallet Address.

Step 3: $URGO tokens will be air dropped to the wallet address used in participating in the Sales


* Ensure to send ADA from only Cardano wallets like Yoroi, Daedalus, or Adalite not from an exchange wallet.

* $URGO Tokens will be air dropped to your wallet within 24hours of sending ADA, we solicit your patience.

  •   You     must reach the Minimum ADA required for each sale round to be     eligible to get $URGO Token


GOmetalaunch Telegram Community

Telegram Newsletters:

Twitter Community:


Youtube Channel:



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