Capitrade Ventures Sets To Assist Early Blockchain

New York, NY, Jan. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a bid to support the growth of projects listed on the network, the team at Capitrade is pleased to announce that it is set to assist early blockchain projects. 

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Capitrade is a decentralized Launchpad and an Initial DEX offering platform for blockchain projects.

The $CDE Token

Capitrade has a utility token that users can leverage to interact with its ecosystem or Launchpad. The token comes with the symbol “$CDE.” It will also be used as a subscription token to access the pre-sale listing platform. Users will be able to generate revenue through staking and farming. $CDE holders can also endorse a new Terra IDO project by a voting process which will require staking their $CDE tokens in favor of a project.

Capitrade provides multiple tiers of services to enable you to access the IDO analytical tools. This feature is exclusively for $CDE token users. Also features like multiple added-value metrics, advanced pre-sale filtering options, dark, presale saving are meant for certain $CDE users. Lastly, $CDE users will be able to access Capitrade Pro.

Capitrade Ecosystem Features

Intense vetting process for high quality projects

Users will be exposed to only high quality projects on the Launchpad. Before projects would be listed on the Launchpad, the project would be screened and vetted to ensure it complies with all standards.

Fair and Decentralized Fundraise

Capitrade provides the best decentralized fundraising process in the industry. Users can take advantage of this feature to scale their business or transform their dreams/ideas into reality.

Access to IDOs of Terra Projects

Capitrade provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use gateway for people to access and invest in Terra projects.

Secure and Compliant

The Capitrade Launchpad is secure and compliant with laid down rules and regulations. The project also has different security measures to ensure that users do not lose their hard-earned money.

About Capitrade Ventures

Capitrade is the first native decentralized Launchpad built on the Terra Network. Capitrade is also an Initial DEX offering platform for projects. Capitrade was created to address the needs of projects in the Terra Network and its supporting community. It enables startups and existing projects to smoothly progress from a successful fundraiser to platform launch. The team at Capitrade places priority on the community.

The $CDE token aims to enrich the entire token sale experience, from start to finish. The project will not only serve the interest of the team, it will carry along both users as well. Capitrade’s goal is to expand to become a fully decentralized Launchpad known for supporting teams and projects to achieve their aspirations.





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