Bunzz, one of the largest DApp development platforms in

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan, June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Web3 startup LasTrust is pleased to announce that 3,300 users have been registered so far on their DApp (distributed application using blockchain) development support platform “Bunzz”, since launch last January.

What is Bunzz?
Bunzz is a development platform that makes it easy to use smart contracts that build DApp as modules. Its security is audited, so developers can launch a DApp quickly and easily with confidence.

Currently, more than 900 DApp projects have been launched from Bunzz. It is easy to imagine the next generation of OpenSea and Axie Infinity emerging from these myriad of projects.


 Currently, the crypto market is crashing, but Bunzz’s user base continues to grow firmly.

It is important to note that while crypto prices are volatile, the demand for DApp development is growing steadily. Bunzz is growing along with that need, and we can call Bunzz an indexed investment in the Web3.

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 Landing page: https://bunzz.dev

Documentation: https://docs.bunzz.dev/product-docs/introduction/what-is-bunzz

What kind of DApp development does Bunzz allow?

  1. Several companies are using Bunzz modules to develop the smart contract layer for their NFT marketplace development.
  2. Development companies that have been commissioned by major enterprises to develop NFT marketplaces are using Bunzz to develop their services.
  3. Several Web2 developers started their career as Web3 developers by developing DApp using Bunzz.
  4. Several companies have asked Bunzz’s development team to assist them with their DApp development.

In this way, Bunzz is actually being used in the field of DApp development and has achieved product-market fit.

Bunzz plans to issue utility token
Based on the use case of Bunzz as a development support tool for DApps, Bunzz ultimately aims to build and implement a “smart contract ecosystem”.


Specifically, we will implement a marketplace for smart contract modules and provide a composable environment where modules developed by other users can also be used. For more information on the token to be issued and the history of the ecosystem development, please refer to the following https://www.notion.so/lastrust/DApp-Bunzz-c2fee4d96b8e46b885d4fc37bc3ac294

Funding Plans for Bunzz
LasTrust Inc. which operates Bunzz is happy to provide further information for investors at https://www.bunzz.dev/contact

Upcoming Bunzz Hackathons
With so many DApps being launched, we will be hosting a hackathon to help support the success of the excellent and promising DApps that have been developed using Bunzz. Details will be announced on discord.

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