Bulli Bai app creator’s arrest led to Sulli Deal accused: Police


New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) In a key development in the probe of Sulli Deal and Bully Bai controversy, the Special Cell of Delhi Police has finally found that both are connected to each other.

As of now the police had said they hadn’t found any solid proof but now the cops have found few things which connect both the cases.

In fact, now the police has made it clear that it was the arrest of Niraj Bishnoi which led them to Sulli Deal creator.

It was Niraj Bishnoi, the creator of Bulli Bai who was in touch with Aumkareshwar Thakur, the creator of Sulli Deal.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police have found that Niraj Bishnoi, the creator of Bulli Bai used to interact with various virtual identities on social media and used to engage in group discussions.

In the month of July 2021, in one of the group in which Niraj Bishnoi was a member, the other group members shared the details of Sulli deal app. That was the first time, Niraj Bishnoi or other group members had heard about the Sulli deals app on GitHub.

The said twitter handle was backtracked and it was learnt that after Sulli deal uproar, the said twitter handle and other foot prints were erased from various social media platforms.

Niraj Bishnoi told the cops that the said twitter handle belongs to a person who stays in Indore. Based on backtrack analysis and archive data, one twitter handle in the name of Aumkareshwar Thakur was identified on January 8.

Aumkareshwar Thakur was found residing at New York city Township, Indore, MP. He was examined and his technical gadgets were subjected to preliminary analysis.

He was made to join the investigation and was subjected to interrogation, in which he confessed that he had created Sulli deal app. The necessary digital foot prints in his laptop and on the cyber space are being probed.

During interrogation, he revealed that he was born in 1996, has done BCA from IPS Academy, Indore. During preliminary interrogation, he revealed that he was member of a thread group on twitter and the idea was shared to defame and troll Muslim women. He had developed the code on GitHub. The access of GitHub was with all the members of the group. He had shared the app on his twitter account. The photos of Muslim women were uploaded by the group members.

Accused Aumkareshwar Thakur has been arrested and four days police custody has been sought from the Court. Further analysis of the technical gadgets is underway to recover the codes/images related to the sulli deals app.

Further probe in the matter is on.



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