Bugasura Announces Appointment of Rapti Gupta as Co-founder CMO to Drive Growth Initiatives

Bugasura, an AI-powered software bug tracking solution, today announced the promotion of their marketing head – Rapti Gupta – to Co-founder and CMO.


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Rapti Gupta, Co-founder and CMO, Bugasura


Rapti brings a wealth of experience in marketing and product development, and will be responsible for driving the company’s growth. In her role as Marketing Head at Bugasura, Rapti helped improve customer acquisition by 50% and company revenue by 30% in the last 11 months.


She also played a pivotal role in defining Bugasura’s unique product offerings in the software quality space. Going forward, she is poised to bring in new innovation and lead growth initiatives for the company.


“I saw immense potential in what Pradeep and Avinash were building when I joined Bugasura 11 months ago. Most tech companies are conditioned to using legacy tools or project management applications to power their bug tracking and quality management process. This results in a considerable amount of tech debt and revenue loss. With Bugasura, we are helping modern technology companies close those gaps and I’m very excited about how we are solving these problems (with AI and otherwise),” Rapti shares about her journey.


Speaking of the impact Rapti brought about for the company, Pradeep Soundararajan, CEO of Bugasura said, “Bugasura is a massive opportunity for this world to change the way people report, track and close bugs. We are reinventing bug tracking and this has never been attempted before. For this mission, we needed someone who is authentic, fearless, creative yet grounded. Finding Rapti to help further this mission through our marketing is the best thing that happened to team Bugasura and me as a founder.”

With 11+ years of experience in marketing, Rapti brings significant experience to the product roadmap and go-to-market efforts of Bugasura. Previously, she led the brand marketing function at Instamojo. She also built their popular e-learning product, mojoVersity. She has been awarded Top 50 global women in content in 2023 and most influential content marketing professional in Asia in 2019 by CMO Asia.


With the new leadership in place, Bugasura will be focussing on doubling user acquisition and revenue in the next financial year with a sharp focus on customer satisfaction and innovative use of AI in the product.


A woman in a man’s world

This role makes Rapti one of the few women leaders in a largely male-dominated industry. Being at the forefront of this challenge, she plans on using the position to not only support women in tech but also create more opportunities for women in technology and help them get to leadership positions.


“I’ve always seen a huge gender gap in boardrooms and technology. In this role, I not only want to hire more women in my team but also help promote more women in tech. We’ve already been doing this at Bugasura – tying up with exclusive women-in-tech communities to help them network, learn, and explore new opportunities in tech and we’ve barely scratched the surface.”


Bugasura overview

Bugasura is a product of Moolya Software Testing Services. Moolya is a testing services company that has been in the IT industry for over 12 years. They serve 35 of the 100 unicorns in India like Flipkart, Hotstar, PhonePe and more.

Given Moolya’s expertise in the software testing industry, CEO Pradeep Soundararajan and CTO Avinash Nishant packaged their learnings and designed Bugasura – the ultimate AI-powered bug tracker today in the market.


Bugasura is 2 years old and has 30,000+ users from all over the world. Currently, the company is fully bootstrapped by Moolya’s revenue.

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