Bublup and Tallo Offer ‘Get Organized!’ Scholarship

ROSLYN, Va., May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bublup (https://www.bublup.com), a free app for practicing the 3 S’s: Searching, Saving and Sharing, and Tallo (https://tallo.com), an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions for all phases of workforce and talent development, today announced the creation of a new “Get Organized!” $1,000 scholarship for high school students. The winning student will have answered a short survey about organization and will be able to apply the money to help cover tuition at their post-secondary school of choice.

Bublup is a colorful and vibrant place to collect your passions, projects and interests. Unlike other productivity solutions, it’s anything but boring! The app for iPhone and Android lets users find and collect anything online — and even things that aren’t, like handwritten notes — using customizable pictures that bring life to folders. Discoveries can be shared by “rolling” them into instant web pages with one click, and its advanced A.I. seeks out new content it knows users will love and “bubbles it up” to them.

Tallo is a virtual workforce platform representing over 27,000 high schools, 4,000 colleges, and hundreds of companies and government entities. Over 1 million users have used Tallo to connect with companies and post-secondary institutions, accessing customized career pathways and financial assistance.

“Bublup is the perfect app for students as it’s cloud-based, inherently collaborative, and doesn’t limit the types of content that can be saved,” said Alain Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Bublup. “Our goal in offering the scholarship is to learn what challenges students face with maintaining their school work, and how we can use that to make Bublup an even better app for their organizational and productivity needs.”

Interested students can learn more about the scholarship and application requirements at https://app.tallo.com/application/7833/view. (You must have a Tallo account to access.

Founded in 2014 by brothers Marc and Alain Cohen in Arlington, VA, Bublup is the solution to one question: how do you make searching, saving, and sharing easier? When creating Bublup, the Cohens realized that people had been gathering information in many unique and different ways for decades. Still, none of the options were comprehensive or sustainable. The Cohens knew there had to be a better way than dreaded email chains, messy notes, or cluttered desktops. And so, Bublup came to life. A singular place to save any type of content in visual folders. For more information, visit https://www.bublup.com.

Tallo’s virtual workforce platform provides a means for talent and talent seekers to overcome traditional geographic and socioeconomic boundaries and assists in the development, retention, reskilling, and attraction of talent. Tallo provides the only end to end workforce talent solution based on an approach of combining science, data analytics, and digital technology. Over one million Tallo users showcase their skills and accomplishments, connect with post-secondary institutions and companies, and have access to customized career pathways and financial assistance guidance. Tallo users represent more than 27,000 high schools, 4,000 colleges, hundreds of companies, and governmental entities. Tallo also serves a diverse community of users, including 300,000+ Black and Latinx/Hispanic students and young professionals. For more information about Tallo, visit www.tallo.com.

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