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After interviewing several leaders within the professional job search industry here’s what I learned about networking and building your personal brand…

Remember, if you ever happen to worry about anything going unnoticed, everything is known by the One who matters most.”

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WEST GREENWICH, RI, USA, January 29, 2023 / — According to industry experts, networking is still the fastest and best way to reach a 200k+ position. Many executive job seekers aren’t fully aware that networking can be the most successful method used in their career search.

For some, the idea of networking may either sound too much like a hassle, or sometimes, they simply don’t fully understand how to go about it properly and effectively. After interviewing several leaders within the professional job search industry here’s what I learned about networking and building your personal brand in preparation for finding your next career…

“The idea of networking is not to be job focused, but to be network focused and relationship build with people,” says Melissa Bassano, Vice President of Client Services at Browning Associates. To keep it simple, networking is the process of making connections and building genuine relationships while simultaneously promoting your personal brand. Ultimately, the goal is for professionals to connect and help each other grow in their careers. By being proactive in sharing information and opportunities with your personal network, ideally, before they even ask, you may see that they quickly start to reciprocate the simplicity & advantageous nature of making mutually beneficial relationships.

The contacts you keep are largely attributed to your growth, and many top career individuals are where they are today because of the status they have grown by networking. Not only can the connections you make provide you with new opportunities for mentorship, career development, and additional contacts, but research shows that 80-90% of all 200k+ jobs are filled and throttled through networking.

According to the Founder and CEO of Browning Associates, John Seraichyk, the depth, and breadth of your network is the absolute benchmark for the success you will have in your career search. “If a client gives me a thousand names, I know he’s going to have more offers and I know they’re going to come sooner. If a client gives me a hundred names, I know that search is going to go four or five months longer than it should have. I’ve seen CEO positions come through somebody’s accountant or through a lawyer. I’ve seen positions come through somebody’s dry cleaner” claims Seraichyk.

For those who choose to sign up and utilize the high-quality coaching, advising, and expertise with a career consulting firm like Browning Associates, one of the areas most addressed in their step-by-step action plan is how to successfully build your network. While working with a career search professional you will learn how to construct a list of your own personal connections, as well as have the opportunity to access their in-depth network, where they will assist in connecting you with people in your industry at or beyond your level. As of January 2021, the Browning Associates network consisted of approximately 30,000+ executives whose resumes have been categorized by industry, geography, and compensation in their database. Many of the executives they work with look forward to connecting with Browning’s clients due to the immense value in fortifying their existing networks. Seraichyk says “The network you build today is your job security for tomorrow.”

You may still question how networking works so well in job searching though. If you think about it, each person you meet may potentially know 200 people or more, and if you can gain one contact or introduction to even just some of the people you reach out to, then your own network quickly increases along with the chances of finding a fruitful connection. People are more likely to hire people they know, think they know, or even just know OF through someone else they know and trust. According to Mike Merigan, President of Browning Associates, “It’s not the person with the highest level of education or the person with the most experience that necessarily gets the job, it’s the person strategically promoted to the right people, opening the right doors, giving them the proper exposure, that’s who gets the job”.

In this day and age finding a new job can be difficult and branding yourself in an ever-changing job market can be uncertain. Overall, networking has a profound benefit on one’s executive career search. Whether you choose to go at it alone or hire an executive firm to help guide you on your personal journey to new career levels, you can be confident in the fact that extending your efforts outward/inward via relationship building and meeting new professionals will undoubtedly provide an advantage and intrinsically important tool to excel & expand.

Written by: Alphard Hartnett (Rogue Writers)

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