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Today I take a look at the exciting project and company that is Companion

We believe the right
tools can empower
people to make
money and close the
equality gap”

— Companion

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 21, 2022 / — While the general public waits to see which way the Pendulum swings today, with BTC futures expiring, people are ready to act in what are still volatile times. For some though it’s been a pretty chilled and calm few weeks.

I first came across Companion when a trusted figure within the space made me aware of them. I was quickly impressed by their company, Break Free Trading “BFT” and how they managed to gain over 100 Thousand users and generate strong revenue. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is full of chancers, and they normally all sound the same. Asger, CEO of Companion, Andriy & the other team members just don’t follow the usual “Standard” of teams within the Blockchain space currently.

These guys display tact and knowledge that you would expect to come across in a Startup in Silicon Valley, not through a friend. But every so often, you find yourself as an investor with an opportunity to gain a stake in something truly great. Think back to when Elon Musk rang the bell to send Tesla Public. It immediately experienced exponential growth, much like what we see from the Companion Project “CPMN” at the moment. Since trading began a few days ago, the project has already seen a growth of 70% Which in these uncertain times for Markets is nothing short of Impressive.

When the Markets do turn (and as much as it doesn’t feel like it currently, they will!) It will be time for Innovative Projects to come into the ascendance, and Companion boasting a slick exchange and also the future release of their Investment Companion definitely have a lot to offer!

An Investment Companion, sounds too good to be true eh? Well, it isn’t the case, with the team publishing the below information in their Whitepaper:

“Your AI companion will be minted as an NFT, utilizing the security & transparency of the blockchain to protect your data.
Our companions will be personalized for the user depending on a series of questions such as their favourite colour, personality & personal style. This is very important to ensure that each user feels a connection with their companion.
The companions will be the users’ guides throughout the rest of their investment journey from onboarding to achieving their goals & through the market pullbacks and volatility along the way.
There are many use cases for NFTs, one of the most compelling is data ownership & security. The idea of artificial intelligence that you share your personal & financial data is extremely powerful & just as frightening for a data-conscious world.
By minting each companion as an NFT we give the power of data security back to the user, only you own your artificial intelligence & the data it has curated about your financial position.
Instead of Facebook, Google & Apple owning your data, you own your data. Instead of an office full of people eyeing your personal information, artificial intelligence that you own and control is the only thing scrutinizing the information you give it”

It sounds like NFTs are really beginning to show their value, with the thought of holding your own data something that will definitely hit the right note with those preaching decentralization. The next bull market may well be an interesting one, and one thing is for sure. I’ll be ready for the next bull run, with my companion working its magic!

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