Brainwonders Centre Now Launched in South Delhi

The people and schools nestled in South Delhi can now rejoice – the latest Brainwonders Regional Centre is now inaugurated in the southern Green Park area of the National Capital Region. Mr. Mayank Rao, an eminent intellectual in the commerce sector has now envisioned his very own Brainwonders Regional Centre in Green Park, South Delhi.


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Mr. Mayank Rao (Brainwonders Regional Partner, South Delhi) in attendance at ICSR Awards & Conference 2021, New Delhi


The latest regional centre of Brainwonders is personified by a team whose every breath, every thought, every action is a step towards future-oriented solutions. Growing up, they have seen many people from different walks of life facing the same issue – lack of quality career guidance. Mr. Mayank Rao (Regional Partner, South Delhi) says, “Not only my friends and other students, but many adults seemed to be working with a lot of stress and dissatisfaction. We hardly knew what options were available, and what to do with the options we knew about. Mostly, we just did what others will do, or tell us to do. Eventually, I got lucky with my path- but the cycle has to improve somewhere.” So, a solution that fits all was explored – and Brainwonders U.S. Patented DMIT is what became the answer.


Being an academically motivated individual, Mayank Rao has always remained one of those bright students who took his studies seriously. In fact, such was his hunger for scholastic success – that completing his B.Com. from the prestigious University of Delhi did not quench his thirst. He went on to complete his post graduation, and subsequently qualified his UGC-NET examinations with flying colours in his first attempt.


The more he delved into his studies, the more he realised the importance of education. Hence, he chose to enroll in Ph.D. program for gaining the highest of academic qualifications. Still wanting to be more, he decided to become a business owner in the coveted education sector – finally knowing that he can now contribute to the maximum possibility by transforming the academic and professional journey of many.


This youngest Brainwonders entrepreneur hails from the grounds of Bahadurgarh, he grew up seeing his father being a contented business owner. Early on, he experienced how entrepreneurship is key to not only providing valuable assistance to many, but also doing it in a way that inspires. When he lost his beloved father at the delicate age of 12, his mother became the much needed source of strengths, values, and guidance for him. As a Brainwonders entrepreneur today, he not only honours his father’s legacy, but also carries the determination that his mother raised him with – no matter the tough times.


With Brainwonders, it is possible to help everyone not only know, but smartly utilise the unique innate potential within. This allows one to have the freedom to carve their own path, while ensuring that one still reaches the desired destination: professional bliss. That is the reason why Brainwonders often attracts entrepreneurs to join their ranks.


When Mayank Rao connected with Mrs. Tejal Patil (National Manager, Brainwonders), he asked one simple query – “Can I help everyone make their lives better?” Naturally, with many educators already vouching for how Brainwonders has been key to happy children, parents, and teachers – none waste much time fuelling the journey to become a Brainwonders edupreneur. Many mentors had vouched for the viability of an edutech business, and his trusted guides helped him understand how becoming an educational pioneer will greatly benefit the people of South Delhi – where Brainwonders has now set up the office in the lush locality of Green Park.


With researched concepts, dedicated support, and innovative strategies that Brainwonders Franchise development team has equipped the team with – they wish to not only cater to the demands of students, but senior professionals as well. “Thankfully, people are more open-minded now. They know that we live in a world with dynamic industry trends. It is now my duty to empower these people to achieve their dreams of educational and professional excellence. Brainwonders DMIT is the right tool for this – it is a class apart as it has the power to help literally everyone!” adds Mr. Mayank Rao.


The Brainwonders team has already connected with many top educators via myriad platforms. At the very recent Eldrok K-12 Education Summit (Aerocity, Delhi), as many principals and school leaders approached him, seeking assistance with the development of their students – Mayank Rao’s resolve to help the Indian students with career guidance took a new turn – he aims to work with the government itself. “Why not improve the system itself – now that the NEP 2020 also demands it!” he adds with a glimmer in his eyes.


Fuelling the spark that Brainwonders ignites in its partners, Mayank Rao is fully amped up to bring a new wave of change in his region. With a robust program that pumps out success stories, a renowned franchise development team, and reputed and highly-sought after services in the much coveted education sector, Brainwonders is proud to add another change maker to its success series. With 108+ centres and still rising, Brainwonders is moving closer to its goal of ensuring career woes are done away with. Mr. Manish Naidu, whose leadership has earned Brainwonders more than 9 National Awards, is elated at expanding his efforts in North India. “We welcome our new Regional office in Green Park, South Delhi. It is fantastic to know that we are joined by more like-minded individuals who wish to soar high with. Our newest partner will be our hands to clients in Southern NCR – our clients are and will remain our priorities always,” adds Mr. Manish Naidu happily. Brainwonders is always on the lookout for such young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who wish to be the change that is needed today.


With the blessings of his mother and support from trusted peers, Mayank Rao can now taste his dreams of being a mover and shaker of the Indian Education Sector as a Regional Head of Brainwonders, ready to change lives!


He is a compassionate individual, a motivated entrepreneur on a mission to help and uplift those around him. As he gears up to spearhead the very avant-garde career guidance and personal development service to his people – he is set to lead with his time-tested belief: Everyone is the author and protagonist of their own story, they just need a pen to write it! Well, Brainwonders South Delhi Regional centre is that pen.


One can now avail Brainwonders’s expert career guidance and counselling services at Flat no. 202, T-16, Green Park Main, New Delhi – 110016 or book an appointment on +91 7988428397.

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