Boss Gifts Mercedes-Benz SUV for his Trusted Employee in Kerala

Kochi, Kerala, India

It is usually with a gold coin – that’s typically how honesty and hard work of employees are rewarded down south. But the owner of a retail chain in Kerala has recently called his trusted staff and handed over to him the key to a brand-new Benz GLA Class 220D, an SUV worth about INR 45 lakhs.


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Boss Gifts Mercedes-Benz SUV for his Trusted Employee in Kerala


The boss in the news is Mr. A.K. Shaji, who owns myG, a premier retailer of Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances in Kerala. His ‘gifted’ staff is Mr. C.R. Anish, who has been “a pillar of support” for him for over 22 years. Anish has been associated with Shaji long before the latter founded myG. He has worked in various capacities in myG, includ ing in the marketing, maintenance and business development units of the company, and is currently its Chief Business Development Officer. Started in 2006, myG has grown to become the largest consumer electronics retail chain in Kerala with 100 stores across the state. 

In an Instagram video that Shaji shared, he was all praise for his trusted lieutenant and was seen thanking him profusely. “Ani has been with me for the last 22 years even before I started myG. He is a strong pillar and a mainstay for me. He has never disappointed me. His brotherly affection and immense focus and dedication towards work supported me a lot. I consider Anish as a partner and not an employee,” Shaji’s Instagram post reads.

This is not the first time that Shaji has gifted a car to his employee. Two years ago, he gifted cars to 6 of his employees. Among his larger-than-life gifts are foreign trips to employees. Gifting in God’s own country sometimes can go truly out of the world.

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