BOBOT Takes Care of Family Safety by Taking the Lead in Introducing a Vacuum Cleaner With Sterilization Function.

HANGZHOU, China–()–Recently, BOBOT announced that it had taken the lead in providing extra protective umbrella for families at present when epidemic prevention situation is severe.

The BOBOT floor scrubber innovatively applies UV-C sterilization technology and uses 253.7nm high-energy ultraviolet radiation to ensure 99% effective sterilization while cleaning the floor; the elongated quartz lamp tube covers the mopping area to the greatest extent. In addition, in order to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the human body, BOBOT designed the ultraviolet lamp to go off when it is lifted, and never let the ultraviolet light leak, so that every family can use it with peace of mind.

BOBOT also overcomes the problem of dry and wet garbage disposal, and household garbage such as solid, liquid and semi-liquid can be easily removed. Even the nut-like garbage, which makes cleaning appliances the least able to deal with, can be handled together. This completely solves the tedious process of home cleaning and redefines home cleaning.

Technology continues to iterate BOBOT leads industry innovation

Some sales staff said that consumers prefer to buy domestic brands, because domestic brands can better understand the needs of Chinese households, and some of their products are technologically leading in the industry.

Just like the BOBOT scrubber, we always insist on technological innovation. 33 senior engineers have gone through 459 days and nights of painstaking research and development and more than tens of thousands of detailed observations and simulations, and finally launched 9 hard core technology scrubbers in the DEEP series. This BOBOT scrubber integrates the four-in-one “suction, mopping, decontamination”, dry and wet garbage is cleaned once, UV sterilization achieves an effective sterilization rate of 99%, and the frequency conversion motor has the function of 5Kpa strong suction. At the same time, the water curtain technology guarantees the cleanness of 750ml running water, which can be self-cleaned by one button, and the 30s roller brush cleans as before. While being clean and compatible and effectively coping with 4 types of mainstream ground materials, the powerful lithium battery can guarantee a long-lasting battery life of 35 minutes, and it also has a powerful speed of 4500r/min.

In addition, BOBOT is also unique in detail design. The design of the shape is inspired by the silhouette of the legs of a well-known robot, which has a high-tech texture. The angle of the grip combined with ergonomics, and the wall-mounted design of the micro-frame all make home cleaning more comfortable and worry-free. At the same time, in order to be more suitable for home use, BOBOT adopts noise reduction design, and the sound at work does not exceed 73db.

The subtleties best reflect the essence of things. BOBOT has always been committed to household cleaning, and the 9 major technological upgrades deserve to be the leader of domestic scrubbers. At the time when the epidemic is raging, home cleaning should not be underestimated. Choosing a good product is also an extra safety barrier for the family.

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