Blue Planet Skills Launches Collective Responsibility Drive with the Department of Education, Government of Delhi (South Delhi)

  • Over one lakh students will participate in the drive

  • Approx. 100 tons of waste will be collected and prevented from ending up in an unprocessed form in landfills


Blue Planet Skills announced the launch of a Collective Responsibility Drive in association with the Department of Education, Government of Delhi (South Delhi) under which the drive reach over 72 schools to encourage environment conscious waste management behaviours among students. The drive is expected to see participation from approximately 100,000 students.


Dr. Harsha Arya, Dy. Director of Education, South Delhi; Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Planet Skills; and Mr. Prashant Singh, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions at the launch of Blue Planet Skills Collective Responsibility Drive


Under the collective responsibility drive, students will be trained in the segregation and collection of plastic and paper waste in a safe environment. Keeping with Blue Planet Skills values of ensuring zero waste to landfills, upcycling waste, and the creation of a circular economy; this waste will then be upcycled into plastic benches and notebooks.


Sharing his views on the launch, Dr. Harsha Arya, Dy. Director of Education, South Delhi, said, “The South Delhi Municipal Corporation has always laid an emphasis on promoting environmental conservation. It is imperative that we ensure that our future generations are made aware of the importance of proper waste management and environment conservation activities. Through this association, we look forward to inculcating these behaviours in our students, so that they can take on the role of ambassadors to promote a cleaner and greener future for everyone.


Students participating in the drive will be awarded a ‘Planet Warrior’ certification as well as a ‘Planet Warrior’ medallion. Furthermore, schools that will perform as per agreed parameters will also be awarded trophies in recognition of their achievements.


Speaking on the launch, Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Blue Planet Skills, said, “Blue Planet Skills is committed to bringing about a large-scale, environmentally positive behavioural change in communities. We truly believe that this change will be instrumental in ensuring that we protect our planet and create a memorable legacy for our coming generations. We thank the South Delhi Municipal Corporation for this opportunity and look forward to working closely with them to deliver a positive and long-lasting behavioural and environmental impact.


Through this drive, it is estimated that approximately 100 tons of waste will be collected and prevented from ending up in an unprocessed form in landfills.


Mr. Prashant Singh, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions

said, “Blue Planet has always ensured that our business operations add value to the triple bottom line of ‘people, planet, and prosperity’. Our vision is to ensure a zero waste to landfill ecosystem that has a truly net zero impact. By enriching our communities with the knowledge and expertise in environment-positive behaviour, we are working towards the holistic creation of a circular economy. I am confident that this association between Blue Planet Skills and the Department of Education, Government of Delhi (South Delhi) will deliver a tangible positive impact and will create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals, who will continue to work towards protecting our planet.


Blue Planet skills has so far launched other such Collective Responsibility Drives with City Montessori School in Lucknow that has engaged over 25,000 students, and with VSIT Mumbai and engaged 1000 students under this drive. Furthermore, Blue Planet Skills has also partnered with leading corporates and international organizations such as UNICEF, Mylan Laboratories Ltd., Tata Motors Etc for Collective Responsibility Drives.


About Blue Planet Skill

Blue Planet Skills – Blue Nudge is a unique Platform that gives learners a nudge for becoming more responsible towards the earth. We believe that Blue nudges would bring behavioural change, especially at a young age by introducing concepts like Green economy, circular economy, Sustainability, etc. Our mission is to Incorporate sustainability learning opportunities into the daily life of the learner, including health and environmental sustainability.


Blue Nudge is a simple, yet effective way for learners to learn how to use resources efficiently and earn a Planet Warrior Certification for their efforts.




About Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Blue Planet is a Singapore headquartered company driving regional sustainability through technology-driven and IP-based end-to-end solutions for waste management and upcycling.


Blue Planet has assembled a strong team of experts to lead its growth and has strategically acquired solutions that enable it to provide the collection, transportation, segregation, processing, and treatment of waste. Through a technology-driven strategy, the company has created a carefully designed platform for end-to-end waste management solutions. The goal is to apply these technologies across various stages of the waste life cycle to be able to close the loop, provide circular economy solutions and achieve the vision of zero waste to landfill.



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