BlockMonsters Debuts an Immersive One-stop GameFi

Phoenix, AZ, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireBlockMonsters is a blockchain-based adventure game that involves collecting and training NFT-based creatures called ‘Blockmons.’ Launched in September 2021, the metaverse of Blockmons, Trainers, and Lands allows players to engage in exciting duels that bring back their childhood memories.

Creators of the play-to-earn gametaverse have been implementing features to enhance gameplay mechanics. They are adding more attack animations and animated Blockmons and integrating changes suggested by the community.

The BlockMonsters team has also added buff/ debuff states to the game mechanics, allowing Blockmons to fall asleep or get paralyzed to make fights even more fun.

The developers are currently finalizing their P2E fight Engine. They are also adding more $MNSTRS utility, allowing holders to purchase Unlimited Boosterpacks and Energy while playing BlockMonsters.

Get Ready for the Limited Drop of Trainer NFTs!

The BlockMonsters limited drop of Trainer NFTs is currently mintable, as they prepare for the public launch of their gaming metaverse. Early-bird investors can bag 20,000 Trainer NFTs for 0.25 BNB.

All the BlockMonster Trainers minted during the upcoming trainer drop will be 1/1, meaning they will all be limited edition. Each NFT carries unique, randomly assigned traits that can give holders unique perks in the game that allows them to defeat Trainers and Gym Leaders. Users can fight, earn rewards, and trade their rare creatures with friends and enemies.

Each BlockMonster Trainer with in-game multiplayer utility gives a player their own identity within the metaverse. NFT and gaming enthusiasts can sign up for the drop at

The BlockMonsters team will periodically drop Booster Packs that allow players to unlock new super limited NFTs with higher rarity, level, and evolution.

NFT and Token Staking on BlockMonsters

The game allows users to stake their $MNSTRS and earn 15% APY. Moreover, Blockmon holders can stake their NFTs and earn XP and more $MNSTRS tokens.

To get started on the community-driven adventure game, users must purchase $MNSTRS on PancakeSwap to unlock a BlockMon NFT Starterpack. The game will grant entrants a randomly assigned starter NFT-based creature and a few $MNSTRS tokens to help them kick start their BlockMonster adventure.

Winners of duels are rewarded with $MNSTRS tokens that they can use to add to their NFTs collection and grab exciting in-game assets. Besides serving as game rewards, $MNSTRS will have a lot more utility in the game’s Item/Metaverse Marketplace that will act as a strong floor support.

About BlockMonsters

BlockMonsters, inspired by PokemonGO, is a blockchain-powered gaming metaverse that has it all. The platform allows players to collect Blockmons and mint Trainer NFTs, trade or fight to earn $MNSTRS, and stake NFTs and tokens. Users can also buy land and build their own BlockMonsters Universe.

The Blockmon crypto project is well poised to become one of the biggest assets of 2022. Jump into the one-stop GameFi portal with Blockmons and bag $MNSTRS trading NFTs and engaging in entertaining blockchain fights. 

To connect with the creative BlockMonsters community and keep up with the latest developments in the gametaverse, check out the social media handles below:

Telegram |  Discord  |  Twitter |

Block Monsters

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