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SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blameless, the premier Enterprise Reliability platform, is thrilled to announce the release of Comms Assistant™. This groundbreaking Generative AI feature is the first in a series of advanced AI capabilities integrated within the Blameless Platform.

Building on a foundation of innovation

Blameless has earned widespread recognition as a pioneer in Site Reliability Engineering by industry analysts such as Gartner. These acknowledgments stem from its unification of chat-based incident management, automated incident communications, incident analytics, SLOs, and error budgets within a single platform. By seamlessly integrating that platform with other leading solutions like PagerDuty, Opsgenie, ServiceNow, and Jira, Blameless has allowed engineering teams to centralize incident management, turning incident response into a methodology for building more resilient systems.

Introducing generative AI is the next step in empowering operations teams to focus on high-value work. Comms Assistant™ eradicates the hassle of updating multiple constituencies, allowing engineering teams to concentrate on crafting a single message for their peers. At the same time, Blameless instantaneously modifies the message for executives, customer success, or sales teams. Consequently, every team member promptly receives the most pertinent information while incident responders focus on restoring service.

Impact and Significance: Elevating Communication, Reducing Costs

Effective communication during software outages is one of the first and most important challenges that Blameless’ Enterprise reliability platform is built to address. Blameless approaches that problem by offering automated communication via Slack, Teams, SMS, or email. The innovative Comms Assistant™ takes that to a new level by ensuring real-time, relevant information delivery to Sales, Customer Success, or Executive teams without manual intervention, mitigating the extensive time spent rephrasing communications during outages.

Ken Gavranovic, COO of Blameless, reflected on the transformative impact of Comms Assistant™, stating, “In my previous roles, a mere five-minute outage equated to $40 million in lost sales, not to mention all the time and energy poured into communicating with our sales team, customer success managers and customers. Predictable interruptions from engineering leaders reminding the team to update our business partners was a feature of nearly every outage, and the time spent refining communications with engineers was a substantial distraction. With Comms Assistant™, Blameless has eliminated such toil, enhancing our global customers’ value and ROI.”

Jim Gochee, CEO of Blameless, said, “I am thrilled about Comms Assistant™ and even more about the additional AI functionalities we will introduce in the coming months. Blameless provides enterprises with profound insights into their reliability proactively and reactively, thanks to our comprehensive offering. This unique access to incident response data across systems allows us to train incredibly powerful artificial systems to supplement and support the operational impacts of an incident.”

Security and Availability

Blameless continues to prioritize security, offering customers the flexibility to choose the location of their data residency between EU, ASIA, or the US in multiple availability zones (or in multiple locations with our multi-bot technology). Blameless also affords customers dedicated private high-availability database instances rather than co-locating customer data in a multi-tenant shared database. Comms Assistant™ aligns with this commitment, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate their existing OpenAI subscriptions, ensuring their data is exclusively associated and trained on their OpenAI account. Comms Assistant™ and the subsequent functionalities are included in the Blameless platform and will be available to all users from October 23rd.

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About Blameless:
Blameless is a comprehensive incident workflow solution that guides teams through a codified playbook from inception to conclusion. DevOps, SRE, and on-call teams can command, communicate, and conclude incidents more rapidly. Continuous improvement is embraced through retrospectives and data-driven insights. Renowned brands like Procore, Under Armour, Citrix, Mercari, Fox, and Home Depot trust Blameless to cultivate a continuous enhancement culture, achieve more with fewer resources, and safeguard their customers.

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