Bisleri Limonta’s New ‘Let Loose’ Campaign Encourages Youth to be Unapologet and Express Themselves Freely


In today’s world, where there is access to multiple platforms, the youth are breaking stereotypes by creating a niche for themselves. Taking this trend forward, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. unveils its new campaign, ‘Let Loose‘, with Bisleri Limonata, the ultimate limey minty cooler. Bisleri Limonata is a zesty makeover of traditional fresh-lime soda with an added twist of mint. The effervescent brand is synonymous with breaking the monotony and bringing an element of surprise. Through its campaign ‘Let Loose‘, Bisleri Limonata encourages everyone to express their individuality and not feel constrained by social norms and trends. It urges youngsters to liberate themselves and have fun along the way.


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Bisleri Limonata – Let Loose

Shot in the picturesque Himalayas, the light-hearted TVC brings out a fun, playful exchange between a young Himachali girl and a group of boys. It depicts how joyful it can be to sip the limey minty cooler, be spontaneous and surprise others. The ‘Let Loose‘ campaign encourages people to be unconventional and express themselves as who they really are.

Commenting on the brand campaign, Tushar Malhotra, Head of Marketing, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., said, “For over 50 years, Bisleri International has built trust with the consumers. And, taking this legacy forward, the new Bisleri Limonata campaign will focus on youth-oriented, quirky conversations that bring out the spirit of being yourself. Bisleri Limonata reflects the pulse of the ever-evolving youth who are voicing their opinion and being true to themselves. Through this campaign, we encourage Gen-Z of today to be their authentic selves as they refresh themselves with every sip.” 

Anuraag Khandelwal, CCO, India, 82.5 Communications, said, “Today, India is filled to the brim with talent. I see today’s youth from various strata expressing themselves through reels and videos across platforms in ways their earlier generations couldn’t even think about. We captured the spirit of this philosophy in two words – Let Loose. In a category where the codes are about refreshing oneself, Let Loose opens up a broad canvas for Bisleri Limonata to continue creating distinctive storytelling and own an aspirational attitude which is defined by unabashed spontaneity and fun.”

The new campaign will be amplified through a 360-degree marketing approach and leveraged across multiple touchpoints, including television, digital, print and activations. 


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About Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. 

With a legacy of over 50 years, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest premium beverage businesses in India. Being the makers of the country’s largest-selling mineral water in India, Bisleri follows a stringent method of a 10-stage purification process and 114 quality tests, which stands true to its promise of providing customers with safe, pure and healthy mineral water. 

Bisleri International has a strong presence with 133 operational plants and a robust distribution network of nearly 4,000 Distributors and 5,000 Distribution Trucks across India and neighbouring countries. It offers a range of premium beverages that are produced for all occasions. Whether it is the promise of goodness, trust and purity with Bisleri Mineral Water, a daily dose of health with Vedica Himalayan Spring Water, or fun-filled refreshment with a diverse range of drinks available in many flavours – Limonata (Limey minty cooler), Spyci (Masala with fizz), Fonzo (Mango with fizz). Bisleri products are also available on the e-commerce platform – Bisleri@Doorstep. This one-stop platform was designed to reassure customers that they will receive a safe and uninterrupted supply of their most trusted brand at their doorstep.

Bisleri International’s growth in India has been piloted by its vision of being a leader in the premium beverage category through sustainable efforts undertaken to help the community and safeguard the environment. The core values of Bisleri International lie in yielding growth and embedding sustainability by being responsible in all aspects of the business.


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