Birdcalls Group Launches Wildewing: a Digital Warren for the Occult and the Magic-Inspired

Birdcalls Group has just added to their virtual real estate offerings with Wildewing, a haunted digital hotel in which witches, warlocks, and pagans can commune and communicate safely in a space that inspires magic and fantasy-minded folk.

MIDDLETOWN, Del., June 5, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Using state-of-the-art webcam upgrades within a minimal knowledge architecture, Wildewing is in keeping with the rest of Birdcalls offerings in being a revolutionary online doorway for digital travelers to safely meet, create connections, and privately converse, enhancing their real-world connections through technologically-based whimsy. The world is a good place, and it doesn’t deserve abandonment just yet. Instead of launching ourselves into space or creating monopolized and mechanized metaverses, Birdcalls Group believes in preserving the beautiful world we live in, and finding magic in the small connections that make it so special.

Innovation and community should be centered on privacy and not on gatekeeping or hoarding digital assets. Birdcalls‘ hotel Wildewing brings us back to the original foundations of the internet; where digital spaces were considered wild and magical, and where every individual had the power to choose their own adventure. By grounding our technological travels in ancient wisdom and the somatic natural traditions of paganism, we can bring the sagacity of the old world into the new. The internet is not supposed to be a place exclusively for the Silicon Valley bros and the technologically futuristic, but a place where ancient healing and communion can be accessible to all; where there are grassroots and not gatekeeping, and where social immersion doesn’t come at the cost of personal privacy or autonomy. The power for connection and grounding comes from within ourselves, and Wildewing

will help users harness and transfer that energy.

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