Biomass To Love Co., Ltd. has published the English Version of "Future Tree of the Earth".

NABARI, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This project has published an English translation e-book version of the Japanese book “Future Tree of the Earth (author: Masamitsu Funaoka, published in 2021)” in February 2024. The original version of this book is a compilation of Prof. Dr. Funaoka’s lecture in Japan by a housewife who attended the lecture and was deeply impressed by it. The Japanese worldview has a spiritual and cultural dimension in which they have learned from, imitated, and sought ways to harmonize with nature. The worldview depicted in this book is based on this spiritual climate.

This book explains concrete methods for realizing the “sustainable social system” that the world is currently aiming for. This is a scientific explanation based on the author’s own research activities at Mie University and practical activities at the national research association in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Forest resources have two roles: environmental and material resources. This book shows that it is important not to separate these two, but to view them in an integrated manner to realize new sustainable industrial technology, for example, replacing petroleum-based products with those derived from the constituents of trees. Plant bodies are composed of carbohydrates and lignin, both of which are necessary as raw materials for future sustainable industrial system, but it has been very difficult to utilize lignins effectively in spite of many trials.

To overcome this current situation, the author has carried out the following processes:

  1. To analyze the structural characteristics and the roles in the ecosystem of lignin and carbohydrates.
  2. To originally design functionality controllable lignin-based polymers (termed “Lignophenol”) for multi-steps utilization.
  3. To develop an original process (termed “Phase-Separation Process”) for separating woods into carbohydrates and lignophenols.
  4. To realize the shift of the current social system based on petroleum to sustainable system based on plant biomass…. “Silent Innovation”

We have published an English version of this book in order to make this information known not only to people in Japan but also to as many people around the world as possible.



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