Biohacking by hydration: AQUIVIO IOT Smart Hydration Service keeps you hydrated and healthier all in one

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Improving our lifestyle can be achieved by many means, such as a physically active routine or healthier diet choices, yet probably none is as convenient and happening passively such as the daily hydration we choose.

Preparing your personalized flavored and nutritional waters in less than 20 seconds, the new HaaS (“Hydration as a Service”) approach by AQUIVIO doesn’t even come at a higher cost.

In fact, by utilizing automation, blending modern technology into a legacy industry and following an environmentally responsible approach, a lot of unnecessary costs can be saved over the typical way of consuming bottled beverages.

With its IOT connected Smart beverage dispensers AQUIVIO has found a way not only to decrease monthly costs for end-users for their hydration needs, by this modernized service consumers can also get much higher quality than before. The water produced by AQUIVIO proprietary water treatment method obtains a higher pH and is enriched with Hydrogen, being recognized as a novel Antioxidant and subject of countless medical studies in regards of its vast variety of health promoting effects. To obtain this quality of water and optimized structure, the treatment needs to be as fresh as possible and bottling it is not an option.

Due to Ultrafiltration there is furthermore no microplastics in Aquivio drinks, which are commonly found contaminants in PET bottled beverages. Alongside to the reduction of plastic waste of packaging in general, every user can thereby help to save up to over 50 kg of CO2

per year in addition, also considering that only 10-20% of PET bottles are from recycled plastic.

The personalization after the water optimization continues with a selection of delicious flavors, making hydration more fun and tasty, but also infuses additional nutrients with every pour. While all beverage can be considered as Aquaceuticals all selections provide added vitamins, some providing more focus on benefits from plant extracts, others add fiber, Lutein or L-Carnitine for heart health and weight loss. Also the option for caffeine is provided for those who seek an energy lift throughout their work or training sessions. AQUIVIO is excited to constantly add more diversification of their recepies based on consumer demand.

Installing the IOT Smart Beverage dispensers in co-working spaces, corporate offices, gyms and sport facilities, users can conveniently sign up for a monthly hydration pass, receive two selected beverages each day alongside unlimited Alkaline H2 water, save plastic with every pour and pay less for more. Commercial facility operators can now easily upgrade their facility service offerings reduce carbon footprint and enable healthier lifestyle of their employees, members or residents.


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