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Ontario, Canada, Feb. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BetDao, a GameFi project with the goal of revolutionizing the online card games industry and sports industry with DAO solutions has announced staking app launch as a major milestone of its phase 1. The platform announced it would be launching its much-awaited Staking App that would play a key role in the decentralized governance of the Defi ecosystem.

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The BetDao Decentralized Application (dApp) allows users to stake $BDAO tokens to gain more $BDAO tokens. By using their $BDAO token to play, players can earn the governance token $BCHIEF. The $BCHIEF token is unique in that it can only be acquired and traded on Dex. It also functions as a governance token, allowing players to participate in the decisions and voices that are made in the game industry. To put it another way, this token is the Holy Grail, and obtaining it only requires a wager.

Users can earn the BetDao governance token by staking the DApp.The BetDao governance token allows users to profit from the BetDao betting ecosystem and lottery platform by owning it. Holders of the Governance token can make decisions about the BetDao ecosystem’s growth. Governance token holders will be able to vote on whether or not normal BetDao customers will be able to purchase the governance token in the future.

How BitDAO aims to revolutionize the online sports industry?

In the pre-blockchain era, users were forced to act exclusively on the assumption that the platform would place their bets in a timely and correct manner. Furthermore, they were forced to rely on an unfamiliar betting process in an untrustworthy and unjust atmosphere. However, by dispersing the duty of transaction tracking among a large network of participants, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way betting operates.

DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that uses blockchain technology to operate in the online sports market. A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is an organisation in which the project’s odds are controlled by the community and investors rather than by a single company. By sharing control and making the platform fair and transparent, DAO has the potential to transform the online sports market. The world of online sports has a tumultuous history, with various attempts to create a legal, compliant, and secure environment for bettors in the past. Most of these projects have failed in the past because of legal challenges, privacy concerns, and other inefficiencies. However, the entrance of blockchain technology into the market has given bettors new hope, since it ensures a secure and safe environment for sports bettors.

BetDAO is the first decentralised platform in the online sports business to fully exploit the potential of blockchain technology. On BetDAO, all transactions are carried out in a decentralised, trustless environment. Furthermore, the initiative is backed by a utility token with a buyback mechanism to ensure that supply remains constant. BetDAO is one of the most promising blockchain projects designed specifically for fans of online sports. It protects consumers’ privacy and security, allowing them to enjoy the excitement of online sports without sacrificing openness.

Consider a decentralised internet betting ecosystem, in which the conventional middleman between a game-maker or betting operator and the player or bettor is eliminated. Gaming gains an advantage that few in the business can match with the BETDAO staking app. This staking Dapp offers everything needed, whether you’re a lottery addict, a Casino Royale devotee (trying to be like Daniel Craig), or just a sports fan who can’t get enough of betting if it’s not sports. Connect to BETDAO and start playing!

How Many Industries Would BetDAO Ecosystem Cover?

Imagine being able to forecast sports like football, horse racing, and tennis on the metaverse and earning even more bitcoin. This will be added to the already fascinating games in the near future, with a concentration on casinos and lotteries. This combines sports, Defi, crypto, and play-to-earn in one package for sports fans. Sports fans, such as football fans, baseball fans, and die-hard tennis fans, may now wager on their favourite players and use the tokens earned from these bets to obtain a governance token, allowing them to not only enjoy their favourite games but also combine them with governance!

The BetDao project also has a unique take on sports betting. It offers a wide variety of adrenaline-pumping games to bet on and play with. The gaming method is quite straightforward, but playing with the edge is a risky proposition. Users can take part in the gaming experience by betting on the teams they support with cryptocurrency. Users can win up to 50ETH if the odds are in their favour. On BetDao, there are currently over 5 supported sports kinds, with the possibility of adding more in the future.

  1. Soccer
  2. UFC
  3. Boxing 
  4. Cricket
  5. Rugby

Users can place bets on their favourite teams as they go to war on the field, not only to enjoy the game but also to enjoy their gains! The more competitive the game, the better the chances of winning!

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