Best Crop Science LLP becomes First Agrochemical Company in India to Manufacture Trifloxystrobin Technical

Best Crop Science LLP (BCS), a leading player and one of the largest manufacturers of agro-inputs, has announced that Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee has granted a registration for indigenous manufacturing of Trifloxystrobin Technical u/s 9(3). With this new addition, BCS shall become the first agrochemical industry to manufacture and market Trifloxystrobin in India.


Trifloxystrobin being a top molecule has enormous demand in the domestic and global markets of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America Middle East, and Africa. The estimated Trifloxystrobin market size of India values close to Rs. 400 Crores. An excellent compound for efficient integration into control programs against fungal pathogens in cereals, paddy crops, fruits and vegetables like tomato, grapes, mango, chilly, and wheat. Trifloxystrobin is India’s no. 1 fungicide in demand. Trifloxystrobin Technical possesses broad-spectrum control against fungal plant diseases and forms a secure reservoir of fungicide to provide long-lasting, weather-protected disease control.


Talking about the growing need for food security, Mr. Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Partner of BCS

 said that, “We intend to play a vital role in the effective management of crop disease, improving the yield and profitability of farmers across the globe by making this product cost-effective.”


With a positive outlook, Trifloxystrobin as part of a new product portfolio will open a new window of opportunity to explore larger markets to Best Crop Science. “As active contributors to the make in India campaign, we are driven by the mission of uplifting the lives and income of the farmers in India. We are focused on delivering research-based, backward integrated crop solutions for sustained productivity.”


Best Crop Science LLP will be soon acquired by Best Agrolife Ltd. – being among one of the top 15 agrochemicals in India and servicing the industry with its unique products that are well researched and developed and is having focus on healthy living, sustainable growth and unique possibilities of agribusiness.

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