BeatO Launches Diabetes CARE Programs to Control and Reverse Diabetes Under the Guidance of Experts

With an aim to control and reverse diabetes under the guidance of experts, BeatO – a digital app-based platform today announced the launch of its clinically proven, doctor-led comprehensive Diabetes CARE Programs.


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BeatO’s doctor led Diabetes CARE Programs to control and reverse diabetes

In India, 200 million plus individuals are at risk of diabetes and our national HbA1c for adult diabetics stands at an alarming average of 8.5 percent. Also, 95 percent of the people with diabetes are from Tier 2 cities and beyond, while only 5percent of endocrinologists are in Tier 2 India. Given the poor doctor-patient ratio, with most specialist doctors residing in Metros or Tier 1 cities, this creates a problem of timely access and cost, especially for those in smaller towns. With the help of technology and top medical experts, BeatO is providing access to high-quality healthcare and monitoring solutions digitally for people with diabetes at an affordable cost, across India.

BeatO’s Diabetes CARE programs are designed for-people with pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes-those who are newly diagnosed or have long-standing diabetes with related health complications. Poor lifestyle is among the leading causes of diabetes. Keeping a check on lifestyle habits can ensure controlled blood sugar levels. 

BeatO’s CARE programs are one-of-a-kind digital solutions that provide members with structured, proactive and supervised counselling led by doctors and health experts. The program aims at bringing positive health outcomes through a virtual medical team of leading diabetologists and health coaches. It also helps the members in significant savings of up to INR 6000 (~30-50%) annually on their diabetes expenses comprising consultations, medicine, monitoring and test expenses. 

The key features of the programs include virtual consultations with leading diabetologists, all prescribed medicines for Diabetes, BP and Thyroid at no extra cost, intensive nutritional and diet counselling through personal diabetes care coaches and dietitians and all monitoring supplies like glucometer/test strips etc. Members also get access to exclusive content, which includes BeatO Food Lab’s diabetes-friendly and local recipes designed by top chefs (including MasterChef finalists) and an exclusive Yoga for diabetes course designed by BeatO’s expert Yoga therapist and Breathwork coach. 

Dr. Navneet Agarwal, Head & SVP Diabetes Care Program, BeatO, said, “Through a structured diabetes control program designed by doctors, one can reduce blood sugar levels, improve HbA1c, lower or maintain their weight and minimise the risk of long-term complications associated with diabetes.

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2019, Mrs. Deepa Kamble (41 years old) who lives in Kolhapur, Maharashtra was struggling to find proper guidance and care to manage her diabetes. After she enrolled in the BeatO Diabetes Care program, her HbA1c came down from 11.6 percent in March to 7.9 percent in June this year. She used to take 42 units of insulin in a day which she has now completely stopped. She describes BeatO’s Diabetes Care Program as ‘Maa ke jaisa’, which looks after her well-being every minute of the day. Furthermore, she regularly sends pictures of her food plate to her health coaches, who analyse them and give her feedback on how to maintain healthy habits.


Elaborating on the launch of the Diabetes CARE Programs, Gautam Chopra, CEO and Founder, BeatO, said, “Diabetes is a growing concern in India, especially in tier 2 cities and beyond, where accessibility and affordability for diabetes care remain a serious concern. The new BeatO Diabetes CARE Program aims to help manage, control and reverse diabetes for millions of Indians. By making the program affordable, ensuring 24×7 timely support of top doctors and coaches, and including all daily spending like medicines and monitoring in the care program, BeatO has removed all barriers to help people effectively achieve their goal to control and in many cases reverse their diabetes.”

The results of these BeatO’s programs have been published in top medical institutions such as the American Diabetes Association, ACPCON (American College of Physicians), ATTD (Advanced Technology & Treatment for Diabetes) & the journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.

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*Diabetes is reversible only in patients who have Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes reversal means HbA1c is lesser than 6.5 percent in absence of pharmacologic (medication) or surgical therapy. Reversal is NOT a cure.

*Reversal protocol is NOT recommended for people with-advanced renal insufficiency, pancreatitis, pyruvate carboxylase deficiency, hyperchylomicronemia, cancer, eating disorders, Type-1 diabetes, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

*Conditions that require caution: Individuals suffering from Hypertension, Gallbladder removal, Decreased Kidney Function, Kidney Stones and Gout shall require special care and caution.

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