Beacon Media + Marketing Releases Guide on Examples of Professional Mental Health Logos

Mental Health Logos

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2022 / — Beacon Media + Marketing has released a guide on examples of eye-catching professional mental health logos. These logos provide a base for what people should consider when creating a mental health logo.

The logo of any business is essential for conveying who the brand is and is typically one of the first things people see. Logos have to be done well, so people get the right first impression.

Many factors can go into what elements need to be considered when creating a logo. Many think about the colors that are used in the logo. Colors have different emotional connotations that need to be considered when mental health practices establish their brand.

Some colors, such as red, can be alarming and may give potential mental health clients the wrong impression. Colors such as blue are a calm emotion that would better reflect the care provided at the mental health practice.

Beacon Media + Marketing advises that people should consider the following elements when creating their mental health logo:

1. Consider the target audience since it will help choose colors and symbols that appeal to the ideal client.

2. Make the logo versatile to go on many forums such as the website, a T-shirt, or billboard.

3. Experiment with fonts since each conveys a different idea and will either invite the client in or turn them away.

4. Keep it simple with recognizable and clean elements that avoid busy designs with multiple shapes and colors.

5. Get creative with the logo instead of following what the competitors are doing, as it will reflect the uniqueness of the particular mental health brand.

Some mental health practices that have eye-catching logos include:

• Holistic CFT

• Alli

• NYC Therapeutic

• Jill Gulotta Nutrition

• Ravel Mental Health

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