Avadar lists 5 main reasons why they make mid-motor e-bikes and announces a fall sale season

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike commuting in the city

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike commuting in the city

Avadar C5 Mid-drive step-through e-bike commuting in the city

Avadar C5 Mid-drive step-through e-bike commuting in the city

Avadar has revealed why a mid-drive is being considered and has introduced a fall sale season to make e-biking even more affordable

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent years, the e-bike industry has evolved rapidly. Electric bikes used to be clunky machines that did not work reliably and looked streamlined. But today, many sleek e-bikes are equipped with such well-integrated motors that they are almost indistinguishable from conventional bicycles. For a long time, e-bike manufacturers relied on wheel hub motors, but now there is a competing design on the market: mid-drive motors. Mid-drive motors have many advantages.

What Is Mid-Drive Motor?

A mid-motor gets its name from its position on the bicycle. It is located in the center of the bicycle frame near the bottom bracket, where the cranks are connected. The mid-motor is currently the best solution for electric bikes, most mid-range and high-end e-bikes use this solution.

So what are the main advantages of mid-drive motors from Avadar?

1. Higher energy conversion rate

The mid-drive system provides higher power and torque compared to hub motors with similar drives. The mid-drive motor drives the crank instead of the wheel itself, which increases its power and allows it to take advantage of bicycle gears. When the battery is dead, the mid-drive motor is completely disconnected from the axis of the carriage and there is no magnetic resistance. So when the battery is empty, you can continue to ride unimpeded.

2. More torque

The more technologically advanced Mid-Drive motor is a combined mechanism of internal gears. Multiple clutch gears form a variable speed ratchet mechanism inside the motor, which increases the output torque and provides higher load and climbing ability. In addition, the torque sensor is more sensitive and picks up changes in pedaling force that directly affect the bottom bracket axle, allowing faster acceleration.

3. Better center of gravity

Due to the heavy weight of the hub motor, whether on the front or rear wheel, the bicycle’s center of gravity is not balanced.

4. Mid-drive motor has a better center of gravity balance, does not affect the balance of the bicycle when riding fast, and does not require additional batteries to balance. For this reason, the latest electric bikes have the battery built into the down tube. This also reduces the load on the braking system, improves braking performance, and extends the life of the braking system.

5. Fewer cables and a cleaner look

Many components are integrated into the mid-drive motor, and only a few cables go to the steering controller. This simplified and integrated design gives the bike a cleaner look and is easier to maintain.

Based on this, Avadar, a young electric bike team on a mission to provide high-quality, affordable mid-drives that are accessible to everyone, is excited to introduce a fall sale this season to make e-biking more affordable than ever.

Avadar C3-Sport Mid-drive Electric Mountain bike is only $1680 now:

For those who prefer long-distance rides on relatively apartment terrain, Avadar has an electric mountain bike with a hardtail design that features a mid-drive motor, dual front chainring, and hydraulic brakes for ultimate control and performance.

Avadar C5:

The C5 is designed for people who enjoy riding a bike but want to ride more comfortably and conveniently. It features an upright riding position, a step-through frame for better comfort, and a lower center of gravity for greater stability. The built-in mid-drive motor is equipped with a precise torque sensor that provides intuitive and smooth pedaling assistance, with no pushing or kicking, and delivers only as much power as needed increasing riding range. The battery fully charges in just 4 hours and can be easily removed from the frame or installed without tools. You can attain up to 60+ miles of range on a single charge.

About Avadar Electric Bikes:

Avadar electric bikes are the absolute best value and most affordable mid-drives in the US. All Avadar bikes come with free shipping to the contiguous US, a 2-year warranty, and 14-day free returns for your peace of mind.

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Avadar Mid-drive e-bikes with intuitive and smooth pedal assistance

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