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SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TestEquity, the industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies, announces the addition of Yamato Scientific Co, Ltd ovens to its product offering.

TestEquity is a premier distributor of test equipment and production supplies for engineers. This partnership with Yamato Scientific allows TestEquity to add a lineup of top-quality laboratory ovens to its already expansive product selection.

“Engineers have come to know Yamato ovens for their build quality and their quick heating times. We’re thrilled to add Yamato laboratory ovens to our product catalog”, said Scott Cave, Director T&M Product Management.

Yamato Scientific was founded in 1889 as Sosuke Morikawa & Company, and initially focused on medical glass production in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Today the company manufactures a wide array of scientific and analytical instruments and is especially known for its production of high-quality drying and constant temperature laboratory ovens. Yamato delivers products with a focus on safety, environmental friendliness, and prides itself on the energy efficiency of the ovens in its product lineup.  

TestEquity will offer three different types of Yamato laboratory ovens:

  • Vacuum Ovens
    : These ovens remove moisture, gas, and other chemicals from the chamber. They are best suited for applications in dry sterilization, desiccating, moisture determination, and chemical resistance studies. 
  • Forced Air Ovens: These offerings use blowers and baffles to evenly distribute hot air. This type of oven is particularly suitable for working with multiple samples, samples with high moisture, and those requiring very precise temperature control.
  • Gravity Convection Ovens: These cost-effective ovens rely on both temperature and density differences in the heated air to enable natural circulation within the chamber. Gravity convection ovens don’t provide the temperature stability and uniformity of forced air ovens, but the absence of air currents makes them ideal for lightweight samples.

Yamato laboratory ovens are now available at TestEquity. For more information, view the entire lineup of Yamato laboratory ovens today.

About TestEquity LLC

TestEquity, including Jensen Tools and Techni-Tool, is the industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies. Including the design of a full line of the industry’s highest-quality environmental test chambers, TestEquity offers the most test solutions, tools, toolkits and supplies to help design and manufacture electronics supporting the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries. Serving electronic design and test engineers as well as maintenance technicians, industrial manufacturing assembly, and the telecommunication repair community, the distributor features products from over 1,000 manufacturer brands. For more information, visit  

About Yamato Scientific Co Ltd

From its humble beginnings, Yamato Scientific–originally “Sosuke Morikawa & Company” founded in 1889–focused solely on producing and selling medical glass. The company has transformed over more than a century to become a world-class manufacturer of industrial devices and some of the most advanced laboratory instruments on the market today.

Yamato Scientific now has expertise in producing highly accurate scientific instruments, premium research facilities, medical equipment, and industrial inspection devices. The company is always actively developing new and innovative products through its extensive research and development program.

Lacey Nichols
Director of Marketing


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