Australian Short Video App 8secondz Partners with Carnival Group to Discover Local Talent Across India

8secondz, an Australian startup focused on short video platforms, has joined hands with Carnival Group India. Both the companies will leverage each other’s strengths to establish the brand in India. 


In the last few years, social media has taken over the way people interact on the internet. From Twitter and Facebook to Snapchat and Instagram, there seems to be a new platform popping up every day that needs to be used by businesses to reach out to their customers online. Short video platforms are taking over the internet. Businesses and brands, especially from India, have been using these platforms to promote their products.


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It’s important to note that there are opportunities for short video platforms in every vertical, but especially in entertainment, Bollywood, Dance, Music, Fashion, Beauty, Pets and Sports. Since the beginning of time, humans have been entertained by storytelling, and now that almost everyone has access to a screen, it is clear that this trend will continue.


8secondz plans to synergize the capabilities of Carnival in the cinema field to create challenges and also engage the consumers. The company’s primary focus would be on catalyzing India’s Semi Urban population to grow and develop innovative strategies through the first of its kind, smart advertising bundles. 8secondz will also leverage the India Australia trade relationship, which already sees $24.4 billion two-way trade in goods and services.


A smart video platform 8secondz is a free short video platform which allows users to create 8 seconds video challenges with AR/VR filters and effects to make more engaging video content. The platform will involve India’s leading brands to deliver compelling content and provide an alternative digital media channel to users based in India.


According to current market analytics, there are approximately 240 million active users of short video platforms in India and it’s estimated that the number will grow to 650 million by 2025. 40% of Smartphone users are already using short form apps in 2021, and based trends in China it could grow to 75% by 2025. Digital penetration in Tier 2+ cities creating new markets and opportunities in this sphere, which will fuel a new growth engine. India’s digital ad market to become ~$10Bn by CY25, which will be 50% share of total ad market.


On launching and collaborating with Carnival Group, Tom Godfrey, Director & CEO, 8secondz Global quoted, “We are delighted to be working with Carnival Group to launch 8secondz in India and look forward to discovering and showing great local talent to the world. We want to showcase all talent, whether it is an emerging Bollywood actor, dancer or budding sports star. It’s time to share passion with others and build a like-minded group of followers to engage and compete with.”


With the goal of helping emerging content creators to showcase their skills and inspire others to compete in their creative space, 8secondz was founded in 2017. It allows common content creators to create and share 8-second videos and ability to participate in brand backed competitions, 8secondz led competitions and user generated competitions. This unique short form video challenge platform is available on App Store, Google Play Store and web.


“There is an enormous appetite for short form video in India and we are delighted to be partnering with 8secondz Australia on this opportunity.” “We’ll be launching 8secondz in India to leverage the booming market, which also coincides with the reopening of Carnival cinema network across the country and bring more engagement opportunities for patrons as well other consumers,” said Sasi Menon, Director of 8secondz India.


8secondz India is a joint venture between Carnival Group and Jufrantech and was formed to launch the app in India to capitalize on the growth of the short form video market. 8secondz India was founded in 2020 with the goal of helping emerging content creators showcase their skills and inspire other users to compete in their creative space and “Be Discovered”. The platform also works with the brands to bring their products and services to life across our 8secondz App, Cinemas and Media Channel.


To know more, please visit Twitter Handle of 8secondz.

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