Aurora Mobile Launches JG Verification Service on QingCloud

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading mobile developer service provider in China, today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with QingCloud Technologies Corp. (“QingCloud”). The Company will launch its verification service (“JVerification”) on the QingCloud Marketplace, a one-stop trading platform that provides cloud-based apps and services offerings. Securely integrated into QingCloud’s hybrid ecosystem, JVerification will provide encrypted user registration and login, 2-step security verification, and other multi-factor authentication and identity verification services.

Currently, the most common ways for app registration and login methods include “verification code registration and login”, “third-party registration and login” and “account password registration and login”. All these processes are often cumbersome as it requires users to repeatedly enter one-time verification codes sent to mobile phone numbers, or switch between different interfaces to log in. At the same time, these verification methods often face risks from cybersecurity vulnerabilities, hacking and information leaks. For developers, securing apps for both Android and iOS systems uses different verification methods and may result in lower or negative user experience of the apps.

To address this issue, JVerification has integrated its own gateway certification with China’s three major telecom operators, covering up to 99.9% of mobile users in China. Apps with JVerification allow users to conduct one-click logins without entering mobile phone numbers, passwords or verification codes. Users only need to go through the registration and login process starting with opening the app, choosing registration and login, then selecting the one-click login using their local phone numbers. On the development front, developers only need to integrate the JVerification SDK into their apps to enable the one-click registration and login feature.

In addition, as the one-click registration and login function is based on local phone numbers, the verification process is fully encrypted through SIM card verification directly through the local telecom operators. This technology eliminates the risks of SMS hijacking, information leaks and ensures information security of users and developers.

As an efficient, convenient and safe one-click verification service, JVerification has become the top choice of more and more users in the 5G era and continues to empower apps to improve user conversion and increase traffic value. Through this partnership, JVerification will be officially launched on the QingCloud Marketplace and leverage QingCloud’s solid reputation, strong ecosystem resources and comprehensive operating systems. As an important part of QingCloud’s open ecosystem, QingCloud Marketplace has worked together with its ecosystem partners to provide customers with diversified and high-quality vertical apps, and has expanded its app marketplace services to become one of the most important enterprise platforms for customers in industries such as finance, energy, transportation, education, medical care, and other Internet services.

Going forward, Aurora Mobile will continue to promote in-depth cooperation with QingCloud, and leverage its technology advantages to expand its product offerings to empower developers and enterprises to conduct high quality operations, sustainable development and effective monetization. The Company is progressively building a comprehensive and innovative ecosystem with more proactive partners in China.

About Aurora Mobile Limited

Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile is a leading mobile developer service provider in China. Aurora Mobile is committed to providing efficient and stable push notification, one-click verification, and app traffic monetization services to help developers improve operational efficiency, grow and monetize. Meanwhile, Aurora Mobile’s vertical applications have expanded to market intelligence, and financial risk management, empowering various industries to improve productivity and optimize decision-making.

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